Compiling a list of webhosts in the Philippines

I’m going to try to compile a list of web hosts in the Philippines and I need your help on this matter. Please go through the list and inform me if you wish to add more web hosts. Also, if you can make a mini review about your experiences, do include it also. Thank you! ^_^

How do you know if it’s in the Philippines?

You check their rates. If their prices as in Peso (P) then it’s in the Philippines. I noticed that some have their rates in dollars ($).

Philippine Web-hosting list

  1. Bigskymedia
  3. BNSHosting
  5. GlobalBizHost
  7. iNetManila
  8. Marvin’s Web
  9. MabuhayHosting
  10. MobileHive
  11. NeoTitans
  12. NoKiAHOST
  13. OFWHosting
  15. PhilHosting
  16. Phil-Hosting
  17. Philwebservices
  18. PinoyWebhosting
  19. PlogHost
  20. SiteRepublic
  21. Web Creative Solutions
  22. WebLeah
  23. Vertito Hosting

10 thoughts on “Compiling a list of webhosts in the Philippines

  1. Nice list! You really took the time to research all of those, non?

    BTW, there is also another webhost called It’s different from ^_^

    1. Oh ok, I’ll add it to the list. Thanks. haha Just look at how many webhosts we have in the Philippines alone and to think I only compared two when I bought my own…. -_-

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