Conclusion: Is paid blogging good or bad

In my previous post, I asked whether paid blogging is good or bad? I have read the comments and replied to them. Now, I would like to share my own thoughts about it.

Paid Post

Let us first define what a paid post is. A paid post is simply a post where the blogger or publisher gets paid by writing it. It is just like normal posting only there’s a monetary incentive. Now for the duration of this post, let me discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages that I have gathered.

Paid posts is a way to make money online

You make a post then you get paid. Usually a post ranges from $5 to hundreds of dollars depending on your blog. The paid blogging companies take into consideration your traffic, pagerank, alexa rank, and whatever ranks they have to gauge your post prices. But the bottom line is, engaging in paid posting is surely a way to make money online.

Paid posts requires you to lie?

An advertiser is paying you to inform your readers about their product or service. Usually they give out their requirements on the post you will make. It is usually in the form of a review, critique, or simply just to include their link and anchor text in one of your posts. I have yet to see an advertiser telling you to create false stories about their product just to catch the eyes of potential customers.

You are free to write your own post. Even if you get paid by doing so, you will still be the one who will decide on it’s content and how it is delivered. So if you decide to create stories and false hype about a product or service then it’s your call. The advertiser would appreciate it but I don’t think your readers will.

Paid posts will drive away your readers?I’ve been hearing people say that engaging in paid posting will turn off or drive away your readers. Is this really true? No! It is not. In my case for example, I have read a lot of blogs and I could identify which posts are paid or not. Whenever I see a paid post, my tendency is to ignore it and move on to the next post. However, what might drive me away is the ratio of paid posts to non-paid posts. If I see a blog that is dominated by paid posts, then I say goodbye to that blog.

A paid post will not drive away your reader. However, your posting ratio of paid posts will. In order not to drive away your readers, keep a good ratio of paid posts and non paid posts. I could suggest one (1) paid post per week provided you post at least 3-4 articles that week or simply one (1) paid post per 3-5 posts you make.

Paid posts will lower the quality of my blog

I forgot where I heard this from but I thought about this statement for a while. I was trying to think of an answer to the question, how? How will paid post lower the quality of my blog?

… I can’t think of a reason on how it can. Can you?

Paid posts will make Google slap your Pagerank and make you cry

Oh just ignore the crying part, unless you think of pagerank as a piece of your life. πŸ˜‰ Anyways, I admit that I was a victim of this. I got my PR slapped from 3 to 0. I’m not sure what I did to get the famous slap but BatangYagit told me that it may have been because I made a paid post about c-a-s-i-n-o-s.

But now, my pagerank is back to where it was before. What I did was to add the “rel=nofollow” to all the links in my past paid posts and made a reconsideration request to Google. (This will be covered in another post but if you can’t wait, check out Google Help)

Conclusion: Is paid blogging good or bad?

From my point of view as a blogger, it is good. Consider it as a reward to yourself after spending hours on your blog. Hey, blogging ain’t free you know. You have fees to pay such as domain registrations, webspace, and even internet use.

But overall, it all boils down on how you, as the blogger/publisher, would look at paid posts and how you plan to utilize it. If your greed for money takes over your blog, then that’s the time it becomes bad.

So what do you think?

I would like to hear your opinions and comments about this. My next goal is to join as many paid blogging websites as I can and make a review of each.

13 thoughts on “Conclusion: Is paid blogging good or bad

  1. thanks for this nice idea..

    “What I did was to add the β€œrel=nofollow” to all the links in my past paid posts and made a reconsideration request to Google”

    I will try that…

    Anyway, my stand on paid-blogging is on the positive side… Like you said paid post is a sure thing to earn money online (specially for those blogs who was banned by Adsese or super low traffic)

    Just a side note, some advertisers pay to put their link on your post, not necessarily do a ‘review’ on their site/product…

  2. @Eli – Yes. Do try to add nofollow after 1-2 months of writing the post. I see. Will adding just links make the payout much smaller? or it’s just the same?

  3. @David – What I’m doing here in my blog is to put all of them in a separate category called “Reviews”. And I don’t let my feed subscribers see them at all using plug-ins. πŸ™‚

  4. they payout is still the same I guess, but they do require a dofollow…

    1 to 2 months after creating the post is ok… at least i have already been paid.. πŸ˜‰

    ELi’s last blog post..EBay Scam!!

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    well, i hope u can help me with this. i am halfway already and i need more infos actually.

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    thanks again.

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  8. “A paid post will not drive away your reader. However, your posting ratio of paid posts will. ”

    Very good point there! πŸ™‚ Interesting thoughts too. Thanks for sharing. It’s always great to read different points of view on this topic. I learn a lot from various points of view. Who knows? Perhaps someday I’ll get on the paid blogging ship. For now, maybe not yet. But all this information helps a lot. And I’m stumbling this article too. πŸ˜‰

    Toni’s last blog post..12 ice cube trays that’ll make any drink even cooler

  9. @toni – Hi Toni, thanks for your input. I made this post because I want to clear up the misconceptions of other people who are against paid blogging. I carefully gathered their arguments and written something about it. Also, I made some paid posts myself so I have experience on what it is about. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for visiting and I’m glad you liked this post of mine. πŸ˜€

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