[PSP] Crimson Gem Saga PSP Game

Crimson Gem Saga PSP Game

Crimson Gem Saga PSP Game Review

Game Description:

With beautiful, high-resolution 2-D artwork, novel battle mechanics, and a classic tale of fantasy, adventure, and heroism, Crimson Gem Saga delivers the pure, classic Japanese RPG play experience PSP owners have been clamoring for since the hardware’s launch. Taking full advantage of the crisp, clear PSP screen and boasting a colorful, catchy musical score, Crimson Gem Saga is a blast from the past presented just as you’d expect a modern RPG to be.

My Review:

Crimson Gem Saga is about a fresh graduate named Killian who’s always number 2 in rankings no matter how he tries. He joins an expedition and ends up meeting a treasure hunter elf. He learns about wicked stones and starts a quest to retrieve these stones… however, he is not alone in the pursuit of these stones.

It took me a while to understand the battle system so I hope this helps.

Crimson Gem Saga has a turn-based battle system. Turn order is based on the characters agility where the difference between each character is constant. You will always get the same order for your characters. Battles are not random. While walking/running on the map, you will see an enemy character walking through the field and if you make contact, a battle starts. The enemy character walking around the field stays constant so you will only know who you will fight when the battle starts. To gain an advantage in battles, use the ambush system. Make contact with the enemy while they are not looking at you and you get a free hit. If they meet you with a ! on their head, that’s a normal battle but if they meet you with nothing on their head, they will get a free hit on you. To gain more damage on critical hits, be alert on the visual cues. When you land a critical hit, you will see a X at the bottom of your screen. Press X at that moment and they will do another hit for free. Some characters can hit more than twice so take advantage of that. Every battle needs to be planned and strategized. You can’t over level to the point that enemies will bow at your feet. I learned this the hard way when I died fighting normal enemies and I forgot to save.

In every battle, you would earn EXP (for level-ups), Gold (currency) and SP (for skills). One of the interesting parts of the game is the skill system. Skills need to be bought with SP points. First you need to unlock a skill then you need to learn it, both which needs SP. You need to grind to get SP so you need to strategize which skill you will learn since you have no choice but to unlock all. Skills can also be improved by using medallions. A rare item that’s being dropped by enemies. There are different medallions need to improve skills (e.g. Bronze medallion moves skills from 1 to 2 while silver moves from 2 to 3 only). Medallions can also be farmed and you need it as skills make battles easier.

The story of Crimson Gem Saga was interesting. Although the story is very straight forward (feels like you are following a book), it does have an interesting plot twist at the end. Aside from their comic dialogue, I also enjoyed looking at their silly expressions when they deliver their lines. I made sure to talk to all persons as some have interesting one liners and keep on pressing X at every corner, drawer, and container for hidden items (plenty). You can save almost every where so take advantage of this feature.

Crimson Gem Saga is one of the games that I put on hiatus after knowing about the Ziggurat. I was torn between farming SP and Experience or continuing the story. I finally managed to put aside my greed for farming and finished the game (although I already gained a lot of levels and unlock a lot of skills).

I enjoying playing this game thanks to the story, cut scenes, skill system and trying to avoid enemies as battles are slow and dragging.

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