Cushe Manuka Fearless Sandals

Cushe Manuka Fearless Sandals

October 2013 Update –

It broke. Hopefully it can still be repaired. ūüôĀ

Thanks to cashcashpinoy; I now have a new sandal so that my old sandal can rest.

Only P999 for the stylish and ultra comfortable Cushe Manuka Fearless! Choose your colors! LIMITED QUANTITY!

I was very impulsive when I bought this as I have never heard of this brand and the price range is not in my budget (I don’t even look at Havaianas¬†because I find them expensive but these are 50% more expensive than Havaianas). Oh well… let’s splurge once in a while (making excuses for myself).

Actually, I only got them for only PHP599 because I used up my referral bonuses from CashCashPinoy (refer friends and when they buy their first deal, you get PHP100) so I got 62% discount. Not bad right?

The¬†Cushe Manuka Fearless Sandals¬†comes in different colors (blue, green, military, orange and many more!). Here’s the pair that I bought.

Cushe Manuka Fearless Sandals Cushe Manuka Fearless Sandals

When I first saw these sandals being offered, I instantly became curious about them and there was an urgent¬†want to buy them. They have a unique design and they would fit my personal requirement that I could where them wherever I go and they won’t mind getting wet. In fact, they were made for beach walking. Only the price tag would have been the problem but thanks to the discount, that was something we can ignore.

The sandals were very soft (soft rubber on where you foot would touch). Below the sandals (where it would meet the ground) would be a mix of the same soft rubber and a semi hard material where the straps would connect. It is very comfortable and I like to wear it a lot especially on places where I don’t need to wear shoes. I’m glad I was able to satisfy my need for new footwear and want for something unique in one sandal.

Thank you once again to cashcashpinoy for this deal and the Cushe Manuka Fearless Sandals.

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