Customize your wordpress to your local time

Perhaps you’ve already learned how to schedule your posts for the future and you have been using it to your advantage. Now you won’t have to worry if you have days where you had lots of ideas to share or days where your brain has nothing but cobwebs.

However, when you schedule your post to be published at 9:00am, does your blog really publish them at 9:00am?

  • If your answer is YES then I think you already know what this tip is all about.
  • However, if you answer is NO then you should continue reading. ^_^

Why does wordpress publish my post on a different time that I scheduled?

For example, I want to publish my posts at 9:00am in the Philippines so in the Post Timestamp I set the time to 9:00am. However, my post gets published at 5:00pm which is eight (8) hours after. Why does this happen?

This is because that the default wordpress time is set to GMT (or UK time as I was informed) so all your scheduled timestamps will be posted at GMT. A post at 7am will be posted at 7am GMT time and a post on 3pm will be posted at 3pm.

So if you want to publish the post at 9am Philippine time (GMT +8), you should set your wordpress time to Philippine time and schedule your post to 9am. If you did not set your wordpress time to Philippine time, it will be posted at 9am GMT rather than 9am GMT +8.

How do we set the wordpress time?

  1. Go to your wordpress dashboard
  2. Go to General Options
  3. Browse down and you will see this screen

The one that you should take note of is,

Times in the weblog should differ by [ ] hours.

By default, it is set to 0 which would mean GMT. The values you can input there ranges from -11 to 11. (You don’t need to put + for positive times)


  • To set wordpress time to Philippine time, set the value to 8.
  • To set wordpress time to Sydney, Australia, set the value to 10.
  • To set wordpress time to Tokyo, Japan, set the value to 9.
  • To set wordpress time to London, set the value to 1.
  • To set wordpress time to New York, set the value to -4.
  • To set wordpress time to Chicago, set the value to -5.

So that’s it, with this and the post scheduling tip for wordpress, you can now schedule your posts at the right time all the time. ^_^

This post is dedicated to Subconscious Mind. I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for visiting this blog and for asking questions. ^_^

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  1. I’m new to WordPress – just signed up a week ago. Your tips would definitely help me in my blogging with WordPress. Thanks for sharing.

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