Dead Page or better known as the 404 page

Dead Page or better known as the 404 page.

This page serves as a landing page for the dead-links found on this blog, Silkenhut’s World. This is part of my ongoing actions in cleaning the 404 pages on my blog.

It is hard to find deadlinks on the blog since I wasn’t able to take note of all the links. Also, for the sake of improving the blog, I would sometimes edit posts or remove them completely to ensure that the blog only delivers high quality content. Well, sometimes it is on a response from an email from Google stating that ad serving has been disabled so I need to remove those content or posts that violates the guidelines so that my¬†Adsense¬†will be re-enabled.

If you are in this page, this means that the page you were looking for doesn’t exist anymore. Please help me identify those pages so that I can quickly address them to reduce the 404 pages in this blog. You can simply drop a comment below or contact me in the contact form above. Please do let me know in any way you want ok? I would be really grateful for that.

404 pages are bad for a website. They are like dead-ends and should be avoided at all costs. They are also the reason why you might have a lot of bouncing visitors because they land on your dead pages.

Thank you very much for your help.

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