Deep Cleansing Facial and Intense Diamond Peel Package by RescueDerm

Deep Cleansing Facial and Intense Diamond Peel Package by RescueDerm

Thanks to; I was able to try out this deal two weeks ago.

67% Off!! Only P500 for Deep Cleansing Facial and Intense Diamond Peel Package at RescueDerm!!

Another new clinic for me and I’m glad that I’m checking out the different deals from Group Buying websites because that is a good way for me to discover and try out an establishments services at a discounted price. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know about them and even if I knew about them, I wouldn’t try them due to the expensive costs.

So anyway, going back to RescueDerm… locating it was easy and it will just take you around 5-10 to walk from Greenhills Shopping Center. They are located at the basement level and the hallway prior to reaching their place looks creepy (similar to what you see in suspense films so my imagination starts to grow wild again). Upon reaching the place, I was surprise to see nobody in there and the doors were locked. I thought they were already closed but after a few seconds, somebody showed up and let us in.

So we were seated in the couch (see the picture above) and while we waited for our schedule, I went to their bathroom and found it very nice. Classy! However, their individual rooms (where you will have your procedure done) looks pretty plain (white walls only similar to a clinic).

A few minutes later, we were told that it is our turn but we cannot go together because they only have one machine. This means that someone should get a head start first (around 10 minutes) then the next one can be accommodated. I opted to be the second one to have the treatment.

The Deep Cleansing Facial and Intense Diamond Peel procedure is like this (this time, I asked a lot of questions to the one doing the procedure on me and took note of the names).

  1. The procedure starts with a machine that will blow steam in your face for around 10 minutes. This should open your pores.
  2. Your face will be washed with a “cleansing milk” that stings once in a while…
  3. Instead of rinsing, they will use a vacuum to suck out the cleansing milk applied to your face. However, the leftover parts will be washed away with a sponge that was dipped in warm water.
  4. The next application will be a “papaya scrub” where you will feel some granules rubbing against your face.
  5. After rinsing, the diamond peel procedure will start. I was surprised because this application took a long time. From my previous experience (in other clinics), they only apply diamond peel to you for a few seconds but this one took around 15-20 minutes I believe. From this alone, I think it is already a good deal for the price.
  6. After the diamond peel, the awaited torture starts… however, this pricking wasn’t that painful as I thought but she also removed fewer blackheads compared to my previous experience at Aesthetic Science. From here, I’m not sure if she wasn’t that thorough or should I believe her explanation that she only removed the ones that are showing up and not really the deep ones because you shouldn’t force them if they are not ready to be plucked.
  7. Once the pricking is done, she applied antibiotic cream on my wash.
  8. and ended the procedure by spraying “anti-irritate” liquid on my face.


So that ends the procedure… one thing I noticed is that, the person handling you doesn’t talk much nor give you much information unless you ask them for it. I would have liked it if they explain or even just tell me what they are putting on my face prior to putting it on my face (which I experience at other clinics). They also need to add more equipment (two would be ok) and more staff? (there was only two persons there).

But, the diamond peel was a great deal. It would have been perfect if they had better service or initiative to us.

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RescueDerm Skin and Laser Center
LG-Unit 9 Swire Elan Suites 49 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan
+632 744-0365

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