Dermaesthetique: Diamond Peel with Facial Treatment

Dermaesthetique: Diamond Peel with Facial Treatment

Dermaesthetique: Diamond Peel with Facial Treatment

Thanks to Cleverbuy; we were able to try out this deal.

Today’s Deal: 87% OFF! Pay only P200 instead of P1575/session for a Diamond peel with Facial treatment at Dermaesthetique!

Let me start by saying that for me, the deal got ruined by their staff and I will recall the experience below.

I didn’t have any problem in making a reservation as we were given a next day schedule and even though we were 10 minutes late for the schedule, we were still accommodated. The place looks really bad and good thing I saw the sign that they are currently renovating else I would be very disappointed in terms of ambiance.

Now, on with the procedure…

  1. Washing of face with a gentle facial scrub
  2. Steam
  3. Mask
  4. Diamond Peel Application
  5. Moisturizer application

As you can see from the procedure, it was pretty normal without any special products or anything and I would have been happy with that if not for the staff who was handling me, let’s call her Staffy. Here are my complaints:

  • First of all, Staffy’s appearance, I don’t care if she wasn’t wearing their uniform of a white coat but she could have at least put on a mask just like the other staff.
  • While washing my face, she sneezed but she didn’t wash her hands and just continued touching my face.
  • Her attention is divided between me, talking to other staffs and taking care of a kid.
  • Her diamond peel procedure was the most painful one that I have got. It seems like she is literally rubbing my face off and she asked me, “is it painful?”, to which my response was “Yes so don’t rub it so hard!” which ended with her saying, “that’s the way it is because of the crystals at the edge”.

I wouldn’t be complaining a lot if I see that this is their standard operating procedure but as I look at the one handling Jessa, she was much more gentle and meticulous so I conclude that I just got a lousy staff to do the procedure on me.

I would still want to thank Jessa for the treat, Cleverbuy and Dermaesthetique but no thanks to Staffy.

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Makati City

3/F Paseo Tesoro Bldg. 822 Arnaiz Ave., Makati City
#8434343 Local 7546

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