DLSU Wins the Mens Basketball Championship in UAAP Season 76

DLSU Wins the Men’s Basketball Championship in UAAP Season 76

UAAP 2013 DLSU Green Archers Champions

That’s right. Champions. 2013. UAAP Men’s Basketball Champions. Together with the lady Archers, the DLSU Green Archers are won the championship! Congratulations! I’m so happy to be an alumni right now!

Game 3, do or die for both teams, wasn’t supposed to be easy. It was the last game for both teams for the season and there can only be one. As I mentioned in my previous post, expect UST to have big adjustments for Game 3 and it sure did!

  • First Quarter – Both teams were head to head in scoring; with neither team getting a comfortable lead. It ended with UST leading by 2 points. Here we can already see how UST plans to control the boards… in every shot, you can expect around 3-4 yellow shirts under the basket.
  • Second Quarter – UST brought out their big guns! Their 3 point shots were going in and their defense was really tight especially on the passing lanes. By the end of the first half, I stared blankly at the screen as DLSU was done by 8 points. Nothing seems to be going DLSU’s way but I still kept the faith that the team would make a comeback with teamwork and quick adjustments
  • Third Quarter – and of course, that faith was restored but was delayed a bit because third quarter was opened up by UST with another run, making it a double digit lead. With the game and the championship starting to drift away from DLSU, they started a huge run to magically erase the lead. At the end of 3rd quarter, the double digit lead by UST was trimmed down to 1.
  • Fourth Quarter – With only a one point lead, the game now is now reset back and only this fourth quarter will matter. It went down to the final seconds where the game is tied, and Aljon Mariano took the shot. It went out and we went into overtime! All players looked very tired by then but there’s still an extra five minutes to play.
  • Overtime – The minutes flew by for the first three minutes… but the last two minutes were the longer than a quarter. In every shot  by DLSU, I was cheering! I was clapping every time it goes into the basket. In every shot by UST that goes in, I don’t clap but I express “whoaa what a great shot! S*&^*^* that’s UST!”; especially on that fade-away jumper of Jeric Teng over the outstretched arms of Almond Vosotros. Great defense but better offense! Gladly, Almond was able to reply back with a shot on his own that sealed the win (since UST wasn’t able to score in their last possession).

Again, congrats to DLSU! The game was really exciting and my heartbeat was jumping all over the room; but in the end, it was worth it!

It was a great battle and loved the respect from both teams to one another (unlike if it was against ADMU then it will trashtalking lol). Speaking of respect, this one would be the best pic coming from IMHO, double MVPs of the finals! (even if only one got the award)


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