Do Follow enabled through the use of Lucia’s Linky Love

Do Follow enabled through the use of Lucia’s Linky Love 

Update: I’m no longer using this.

WordPress by default has added No-Follow to comment links and trackbacks. That means that when Google crawls your website, it won’t go to the external links posted by other people on their comments. This has been a good way to be safe from spammers who go to your blog and leave comments that contains nothing else but a link to their spam sites.

Yatot and I was chatting one day and he suggested removing the No-Follow to give out some link love to my commentators. I thought about this and after a week (No, I did not spend one week just thinking about this hehe), I decided to change the No-Follow into Do-Follow. However, I don’t want just any link to be followed so I scoured around the web again to look for a suitable wordpress plug-in.

The plug-in I was looking for was Lucia’s Linky Love.

Basically this plug-in will remove the No-Follow from the external links of the commentators (thus giving live love) but it does not remove them at once. Lucia’s Linky Love gives you the power to set conditions which that commentator must meet before his comment will have Do-Follow.

Options available in Lucia’s Linky Love wordpress plug-in.

  1. Enter the number of matches when the author links become do follow – Set to three (3)
  2. Enter the number of matches when comment links become do follow – Set to three (3)
  3. Keep dofollow off comments less than some number of days old? – Nope
  4. Keep dofollow off one particular name? – Well, I will not follow my name which is Allen
  5. Show comment count? – Yes
  6. Permit ‘dofollow’ in ‘names’ with fewer than X characters – Set to fifteen (15) Set to twenty

Update: Set to twenty since I noticed some names are valid but are longer than fifteen.. cough Karlo.Pinoyblogero cough

When will you Do-Follow my link in my comment?

Based on the options (default options since I just installed it), you have to have three comments in my blog before I will follow your links. Making three comments isn’t hard right? You can check my archives for posts you might like to read and share your thoughts about (give out comments). Also, when giving out your name, do not use a “keyword” type of name such as “Money Maker 2007”.

All right! Go make some comments and let me give you some link love bwahaha .. 😛

Just a thought, will this move increase the amount of comments I receive? or it has no effect whatsoever? What do you think? 😀

16 thoughts on “Do Follow enabled through the use of Lucia’s Linky Love

  1. now i get it… so this means meron na akong forever link here sa blog mo kasi this is my fifth comments na! bwehehehhehe… *spamming comments on other entries saying nice blog, i like your site, keep it up, my favorite is blue, and others*

    1. Yes! You will now be followed all the time. However, (thinks of evil thoughts), deletes all of Yatot’s comments and now Yatot comment count is now 2… Bwahaha Link Love denied! 😛

  2. Its ironic that many bloggers talk about this but then they actually use no follow I have seen many blogs leeching off the dofollow movement claiming to be dofollow sites but actually use nofollow, they are worse than the comment spammers in my eyes.

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