Do the Sketches Shape-ups Shoe Works or is it a Scam?

Do the Sketches Shape-ups Shoe Works or is it a Scam?

I’ve been seeing their commercials in TV and was really curious if they really do work or just a marketing gimic (from pills, equipments, now to shoes?).

So this would start my quest for gathering knowledge regarding the Shape Up Shoes by Sketchers. I have been reading some Shape Up Reviews by searching at Google but I’m still not convinced. It is a bit pricey starting at $99 in Amazon prices and I wonder how much would that be if it in the Philippines. I did another search and voila, Shape-ups generally costs around PHP~4500 in Sketchers stores here in Manila.

These Shape-up shoes has a lot of claims like improving blood circulation, toning your body, lose weight, improving your posture, and other stuffs that it’s like having the results of cardio vascular activity + strength training without doing anything but walking. It is really a claim that is hard to believe but reviews say that they have felt good in wearing these shoes. It may get a bit of getting used too but bottom line, they say that it works. Who wouldn’t like your own personal gym by simply wearing your shoes and walking around?

Another thing I also read was the appearance of these shoes. They are not really the types you can just wear anywhere because they look like cross training shoes and these shoes are better off in the gym. (in my opinion only based on pictures)

But my question still is, do shape up shoes work? Hopefully I could get replies from people who actually bought the shoe and are currently using it. It’s hard to go around the web looking for honest reviews because usually they just flatter the product so that you will buy them and they get commissions (who can blame them, one has got to make a living).

Btw, there are other brands targeting the same market like FitFlops, MBT and New Balance but that would be another post.

I’ll update this post when I find more info about this shoe and who knows, maybe I’ll be a proud owner of a pair soon. ^_^

10 thoughts on “Do the Sketches Shape-ups Shoe Works or is it a Scam?

  1. I don’t have Skechers Shape Ups but I read a review about them and it said that they felt weird. Like they’re weird to walk in or something. Maybe it takes some getting used to, but what I do know is that they’re ugly. I don’t want to wear things like that in the gym or outside or wherever.

    1. Yes, they are really ugly and I think it’s their being unstable which makes you “work” your body. It feels like there is a ball in the middle of your foot (based on what I’ve read).

  2. I have a pair of Shape Ups and the reason why I know they work is because my legs felt a bit of soreness after wearing them for the first time; like when you’re starting a fitness regimen. After a while, they become very comfortable and I can do a full day of shopping and not feel any pain in my legs, back and feet!

  3. I recently bought a pair and it took me about an hour to get comfortable with them. Whether or not they do what’s claimed is anyone’s guess, but I was on my feet for 12 hours straight with them this past weekend and they certainly were more comfortable than other shoes I’ve worn under the same circumstances. They are said to simulate walking in sand, but I’ve found that walking in sand is much more of a workout then a pair of Shape Ups can provide. However, if they help work the muscles a little more than normal and you just walk around in them you are at least getting some benefit without thinking much about it.

    I think there are too many overweight lazy people out there looking for the quick fix to their weight issues when you just can’t get around putting down the cream puff and getting off your rear and moving. I absolutely LOVE seeing overweight people stuffing their faces with all sorts of carbs and high fat foods and sucking on a diet Coke as if it’s going to make a difference. The few hundred calories saved with a diet soft drink isn’t going to make much of a dent in the 3-4 thousand calorie meals I watch some of these people consume in a single sitting.

  4. I have a pair and love them. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and take the pressure off of my bad knees (ripped cartilage) and bad back (scoliosis). I have also noticed that they make me stand up straight.

  5. I have just bought a pair of shape-ups. I am a nurse and am on my feet all day. I am suffering from plantar faciitis, which has made, not only my feet, but my legs sore from limping after a long shift. I went looking for a good pair of shoes to wear to work. I tried on several types and all good brands….I could not believe the difference once I tried on the shape-ups. I have been wearing them a week and have found a vast improvement in the pain I was feeling. To be honest, the look of them doesn’t really matter when you are in pain and I would recommend them to anyone. Other girls at work will vouch for them too.

  6. The shoes absorb shock like no other (thanks to the unsightly soles). But these soles are coming with many different shoe styles (yes they have sandal versions). The unsightliness is due to the perception we have had for our entire lifetimes of what shoe soles should look like. This will change in a couple a years as they become common, especially given how they are selling.

  7. These are just another product in a long line of scams. At our gym we encourage that people train in bare feet, socks, or very thin soled sandals, seeing as that athletic shoes create an environment for far greater injury based on the statistical data. Think back to when you were a little kid running around in bare feet all of the time. Your feet were super-tough and you never sprained your ankles even though you ran around spinning and twirling like a maniac. Why? Because, in contrast to bare feet, if you land on the edge of your shoe, your body cannot compensate and react quickly enough. By the time your body subconsciously realizes that you are about to strain or rupture your tendons due to the additional distance from the foot to the part of the shoe that is touching the ground, it’s already too late.

    To solve this puzzle requires deductive reasoning. The problems with your feet are related to the fact that you wear shoes almost with a religious fervor and would dream of being so “crazy” as to not wear shoes in a gym or outside in the grass or a hard packed dirt road right? Most would agree with that sarcastic statement without realizing that what is hurting them the most is what is “supposed” to protect them. That is the case with a vast number of products and food today…and it’s why only a small % of people can be self-made and successful in nearly everything that they do. They are successful because they take what most people think are “risks” but are actually common sense if you step back and do some research for yourself and not relying on “authority” to think for you.

    So to summarize, the shoes that you have been wearing since you finally gave in and started listening to your mother have been hurting and wearing you down your entire life. A shoe company (one of the biggest marketing forces in the world) comes along and promises you the “easy way out” for about the cost of 6 months of a gym membership with minimal effort. The reason you don’t hear about these things anywhere but in the mainstream (I found this by accident) is very telling seeing as how most of the truth telling only happens on the internet. And the truth is that this is another fad, just like the pump shoes were a generation ago. They’ll quickly be replaced with another fad….the fitness industry (most anyway) is just one fad after another that promises the world. If this truly was the case why do people with increasing amounts of disposable income just keep getting fatter and sicker? Why are only the very rich and very poor healthier on average than everyone in the middle?

    These questions have a simple answer: They kept everything simple and realized that there is no such thing as a “free lunch”. As Hitler said, “the bigger the lie, the more likely people will not only believe it, but will fight to protect their newfound beliefs”.

  8. I am a senior citizen and when I got up in the morning I could hardly walk because of pain . I went to a foot doctor and he gave me streching exercises which did not work for me to much time. I started wearing sketcher shape up shoes and the condition went away.what a relief.

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