Don’t download from

As I was going through the links in my wordpress dashboard, I noticed a warning from Weblog Tools Collection.

This particular warning is thanks to an astute reader who pointed out another such site called They also provide “premium WordPress themes for free” but have modified the footer to suit themselves. The “WordPress” link in the footer of every theme distributed by that site links back to and the downloads are not pristine as intended by the designers of the themes. The footers are also tainted with sponsored links that the original authors did not put there. I see a whole bunch of Small Potato’s themes on that site as well as themes from many other designers. Though the theme page lists the original author, the theme download is from and not from the original authors’ site.

I feel sorry for those who spend hours or even days creating a wordpress theme only to be stolen by these people. It would have been ok if they are distributing it but they are even modifying it to make it look like they were the ones who created it.

Please avoid them and support the original authors of the themes. =)

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