Dont play with redirects unless you know what you are doing

I think I may have made a major booboo in my blog. There’s an error in redirects… -_-

Status: Fixed!


I was playing around with my redirects and created one for fun. It gave this blog a big problem. All the perma links of this blog are being redirected to another blog and an error is generated. In other words, the blog was screwed!!!

However, since you are reading this now… the blog was fixed. Here are my solutions.


  • 1st attempt : Delete the redirection that I created lead to FAILURE
  • 2nd attempt : Upload everything from scratch and import the database lead to not being done because I was lazy to wait.
  • 3rd attempt : Check out the file .htaccess to see if something can be done there lead to SUCCESS!

Actually I don’t know how to tinker with .htaccess so I just copied the suggested contents from Stephen Rider’s multiblog file and it worked! I am so thankful that my blog is back online.

I guess I need to study more about .htaccess to prevent such things from happening. Well, I’m off to dinner.

Note: I would like to apologize that I started this blog with lots of technical stuffs. I just want to share to the people my problems I’ve encountered on my first time having a web hosting account.

2 thoughts on “Dont play with redirects unless you know what you are doing

  1. i have tried modifying .htaccess before and it was really fun however i like the idea of keeping the perma structure to custom setting.and that is why i used the non-www plugin for wordpress

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