[Facebook] Dragon City Guide – Tips and Tricks and Cheats

Dragon City Guide – Tips and Tricks and Cheats

Dragon City Guide - Tips and Tricks and Cheats

About Dragon City

Dragon City is a simulation game in Facebook where you will take care of dragons. You will have to feed them and watch them evolve as they level up. You can also battle other players using your best dragons on a 3on3 match up but I guess the main point of this game would be similar to Pokémon, collect them all!

Now let’s start the guide for those who wants to play Dragon City.

The first thing you should know is about the currency in the game.

Dragon City Currency

We currently have three.

  • Gold – are earned from your dragons and are used to buy buildings
  • Food – are earned from your farms and are used to feed dragons
  • Gems – are earned through special actions and are used to get special items/buildings

In Dragon City, the dragons have different elements and they live in habitats. Habitats have elements too and only a dragon with the same element can stay. When a dragon is staying at a habitat, it will start generating gold in which you can harvest. Make sure that you harvest once in a while because habitats do get full (different limits per element).

Feeding dragons would make them level up. As they level up, they would earn more gold, have more HP in battle and evolve once they reach level 4 and level 7. Food can be bought from Farms using gold so think of it as a cycle. Dragons would earn gold for you to be used in the farm to buy food to feed the dragons.

How do you get more dragons in Dragon City?

Currently, we have the following ways to get dragons

  • Buy eggs with gold – we would all start with this method as we need to get a dragon of each element.
  • Breed Dragons – Once you have two dragons available, you can breed them and they would produce a new dragon. You can refer to the eggs section to know what dragon you might get when breeding.
  • Special Events – Certain dragons such as the Paladin Dragon and Robot Dragon can only be received if you play the other games by Social Point Games (e.g. Social Empires, Social Wars)

This would now add to your tasks. Aside from earning gold and feeding dragons, you also need to breed dragons in order to get more dragons. According to the Dragon Book, there are 174 dragons for you to collect so you better start now!

Now let’s move on to Dragon City battles. Once you unlock the stadium and reach a certain level, you can now battle in the stadium or fight other persons. You will have to choose 3 of your strongest dragons to go into battle. Each dragon usually has an elemental attack and a normal attack. Normal attacks does the same damage to any type of dragon while elemental attacks would can be super effective, normal, weak or have no effect against another dragon. You need to know which element is weak/strong against each element in order to gain an advantage.

Battles are turn based and your dragons would fight one by one until all of your opponent’s dragons are defeated or you get defeated.

That’s it for now.

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