LG Scarlet 32LH70YR

Dream Come True with LG Scarlet 32LH70YR

LG Scarlet LH70 and me

Yesterday, I posted that this is my dream TV and now, I can say, dream come true. 🙂


Where did you buy this?

Shop Wise Makati

How Much?

PHP 29, 990 via BPI 12 months to pay 0%

Editing this because they charged us 36k for 12 months. Not really what we discussed on…too bad we don’t have the charge slip anymore. See more here.

Any freebies?

One LG Wall Bracket

What firmware does it come with?

3.26, this means the flickering issues are not there anymore. Manufactured on March 2010.

How to do you show the firmware on this TV?

Plug in any USB drive to it then go to options. Highlight options and press “7” 7 times. It will show you the firmware and then do a reset.

What have you done with it?

I have connected the cable on it, attached my HP external hard disk on it, played wii on it and took some pictures of it using my lumix camera.

Do you have pics?

Please see sample gallery.

LG Scarlet LH70 Mini Review

The main reason why I picked this TV over the recent models was the design and the look. LCD TVs are usually colored black so when I saw it in red, the want desire grew in me.

It is very easy to use. You flick the power switch at the bottom of the TV then press gently on the glass circle switch (very classy). Changing inputs (TV, AVI, HDMI) can be button with a single button and the same goes for the energy saving back light (you can set it to auto but I find it very dim on nighttime).

You can change a few settings in the video / audio or pick a pre configured settings such as cinema and games. For example, the Games setting would give a sharper look while the cinema setting would give a yellowish tone. I can’t make out the difference in audio though.

I have tried playing some movies via the USB port of the TV but it can only play only AVI files (XVID video, MP3 audio). Newer video formats such as MP4 or MKV can’t be played (although they say the European model of LH70 can). I noticed that the TV gets hotter then usual when using the USB so I won’t be using this feature.

I have yet to test the HDMI portion as I don’t a player capable of giving HDMI output.

Overall, I like the LG Scarlet and I’m proud to have it.

LG Scarlet LH70 Specs

Specs are here.

Till next time,


LG Scarlet time!

21 thoughts on “LG Scarlet 32LH70YR

  1. Hey hey congrats 🙂
    I was also looking at this model when I was in the market for an HDTV… an yes, this is one endangered specie… I ended up with a Samsung but I would still love to have an LH70 tv 😀

    The biggest advantage for this tv is 120Mhz refresh 😀

    PS. The store I bought my Samsung from sells these at 24k 🙂 No wonder it’s so hard to find.

    1. whoa!?!?! 24k only? lol what store is that? that would be the cheapest LH70 ever sold here (exaggerating but I have never seen it dip that low even on the fellow buyers from pinoydvd.com)

  2. on the bright side if you’re in for cheap, LG has released a the LH70’s little brother the LH35 which can be had for about 20k a pop.

    And yes it’s a full HD tv 🙂

  3. They get their stocks directly from Samsung, LG, etc 🙂 Less red tape haha. Will be getting my next HDTV from remal too 😉

  4. Hey! if LG Scarlet 32LH70YR was your dream lcd, CONGRATS!!! you made the right choice!

    well, as a graphic designer/photographer i am very much meticulous when it comes to display and colors…. i am also proud owner of SCARLET for almost a year and it realy “rocks!” when i’m using it! especialy when im watching HD video with simulated surround from my pioneer receiver…it realy “rock my nerves and my view!”


    here’s my setup for reference:

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