How to solve error code #50052 when using

Ebay PH error code #50052 Fix

I have been getting this error while using, are you getting this error too?

I have picked to buy something with Ebay and it seems I cannot proceed to checkout. I always get this error and it is causing me to panic because the seller might think that I’m not willing to buy the item. Not only would it case loss of trust, but I might also get negative feedback in ebay. Negative feedback is something that we all want to avoid as it destroys our reputation as a buyer or seller in Ebay. It will simply make future transactions harder.

I did some research on how this happens and it seems that it only happens on The error is simply the website’s way of saying, “Sorry, all lines are busy now, please try again later” (Have you heard about this line?).

Anyway, the solution to error 50052 is really simple. You simply have to log in to Ebay but not via You may try,, or other Ebay sites. Then you can proceed to check out again and it will now work.

For me, this error means that Ebay.Ph is having a hard time coping up with all our orders? LoL

Anyway, I hope this helps your transaction. Happy buying and selling.

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