Edwin Lisa Salon : Ear Candling

Edwin Lisa Salon : Ear Candling

Edwin Lisa Salon : Ear Candling Review

Thanks to Gupo; we were able to try out this deal.

Have confidently clean and itch-free ears with a session of Thermal Auricular Therapy, more commonly known as Ear Candling!

This would be our first time to try out Ear Candling. This is a method of ear cleaning where it aims to vacuum out the dirt and ear wax from your ears. This is done by burning a waxed “candle” on top of the ear and the other end would be inserted into the ear. As the fire burns through the air, it should create a vacuum effect similar to ventosa. This vacuum effect would be the pulling force to remove the debris from our ear.

Is it effective? Well, there are mixed reviews on the net where some say this is a scam while some say, it works. Only one way to find out…

…Off we went to Edwin Lisa Salon. From the outside, it looks like any normal salon but on the inside, you would notice that it actually is a big space with separate rooms for hair related matters, manicure/pedicure and for services that require a bed (e.g. massage, ear candling). We were made to lie down on our sides in bed while they prepare the procedure.

It was very simple. The product they use looked like something you can buy in shops. They would insert the “candle” into a paper plate to prevent the residue from entering your ears. It would take around 5-10 minutes for the candle to burn out after lighting it. Afterwards, switch to the other ear. While the burning is going on, a light massage is being done at the back of your ears for what purpose, I don’t know.

The whole procedure took around 20 minutes and you can try to check the results if you like. Sadly, I didn’t see much results on my end. Perhaps the insides of my ear was clean (I doubt it) or it doesn’t work. Oh well… it was still a new experience for us.

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Edwin Lisa Salon
1874 Evangelista corner
Balderama Makati City

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