Effects of All in One SEO Plugin

It was approximately last month when I first installed the All in One SEO plugin in order to optimize my search results in Google. I was amazed on what this plug-in has done for my blog. It has solved the two problems why my blog is unoptimized for search engines which were [1] Post title and the [2] Post excerpt.

  1. Post Title – By default, WordPress has this pattern for their posts, Blog Name > Archive > Post Title. However, in search engine results, the post title gets cut since the pattern is too long.The solution to this is to interchange the order of the pattern to Post Title – Blog Name. Archive was removed because it does not hold any valuable information for the readers.
  2. Post excerpt – By default, your blog does not a Meta Description Tag that will serve as your post summary (summarize this post in sentence). Search engines tend to look for this and when they don’t find it, they use the first words they see in your blog which are usually your navigation links or your categories.The solution to this is to add a Meta Description Tag to each of your posts.

Both of these can be done through the All in One SEO Pack plug-in. For you to see this plug-in at work, I did a Google search on my blog and found these results. See how the post titles and post excerpts are optimized.
All in one seo results

As you can see, each search result shows you a lot of information about the post. The title is the first thing you see and the post excerpt describes the contents of the post. This is very helpful in making people click on your link because they know what they will get when they see results like that.

All it takes to do this is patience in writing out descriptions and keywords in each of your posts. But after you have done that, the effects will be great! To learn how to use All in SEO pack, click here.

Although I still have not finished writing descriptions and keywords to all of my past posts, I will definitely finish them someday. ^_^

4 thoughts on “Effects of All in One SEO Plugin

  1. uy.. bawal pala gumamit ng tagalog sa adsense? di ko alam yun ah.. hmmmmmmmm? may nag comment kasi sa blog ko waaaaaaaa!

    related comment: is that plugin only available in wordpress? the results are awesome as i can see in your attached image ^_^

  2. I’ve only just recently used this plugin on my blog. I’m still in the process of checking out the results, though my Website Grader report showed promising results after using it. ^_^ Off to optimize my previous posts.

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