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Elegant Secrets Signature (Foot Spa, Foot Scrub, Pedicure & 30-minute Massage) by Elegant Secrets Spa

Elegant Secrets Spa

Thanks to Ensogo.com.ph; I was able to try out this deal.

Only P250 on Elegant Secrets Signature (Foot Spa, Foot Scrub, Pedicure & 30-minute Massage) at Elegant Secrets Spa (Valued at P600)

When I saw this deal on Ensogo, I was thinking that it would be a good foot pampering treatment after the Unilab Run United 1 2011 event so I availed of it and had it scheduled a few hours after the run. Based on what I read in Ensogo’s page for it, I had high expectations for the pampering service that I will be availing for my tired and aching feet.

The schedule was 4pm and I was supposed to wake up at around 2pm, but I made a mistake in my alarm clock and set it to 2am. Well, I panicked when I got a call at around 245pm because the meet-up time was 230pm. Since Elegant Secrets Spa was located in Timog, Quezon City and I was in Makati, I was really rushing to get ready that I had to go back to the house 3x because ([1] I had to pee, [2] I forgot the vouchers, and [3] I forgot to copy the exact address so I had to log-in to ensogo and copy the address and draw a small map).

The roadtrip started at around 3pm and I was trying my best to drive as fast as I can but still maintaining safe driving procedures (if ever such a thing exists). When we reached Timog Avenue, it was around 330pm (glad there was no traffic jams to slow us down) however, we discovered that the map Ensogo is showing on their website for the location of Elegant Secrets Spa was wrong! Good thing we called Elegant Secrets Spa when we could not find the place.

So off we went to the place and we were just in time (a few minutes ahead of schedule)… I was quite excited for the pampering experience (eg. what color of nail polish should I pick? lol just kidding)

The place was small and I think they can only service around 8 customers at at time. Each chair is provided with a neck pillow so you can sleep while the service is going on. You can also hear instrumental versions of classic songs which will make you relax and add to your drowsiness. While waiting for the service, let us analyze the deal for now…

The elegant secrets signature (PHP600) is composed of the following: (I may have misplaced the location of the prices here though…)

  • Pedicure – PHP150
  • Foot Spa – PHP 300
  • Foot Scrub w/ 30min Massage – PHP250

So it is a PHP700 value which you can get it for PHP600 but thanks to Ensogo, it became PHP250 only. For me, it is a bit expensive which gave me high expectations ^_^

So let us start, it started of with …

  • Foot Spa – We were given these tiny slippers (even though they were havaianas, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit your foot) and lead to a place where you will soak your feet in hot water (at first it was too hot so the attendant had to add a pail of cool water to make more tolerable. Then a green thingy was added to the water (no idea what it was) then she washed our feet with a foot scrub (with microbeads) then after a few minutes, our feet was rinsed in cold water and towel dried. I was like… was that it? was that the PHP250 value?
  • Foot Scrub – We were transferred to the inner room where the foot scrub will be done. She started by spraying my feet with a white liquid (soap + water I assume) then used a small stainless “scrubber” that looked like a cheese grater and started scrubbing my feet (one feet a time). After a while, she then used a longer but less ticklish scrubber. I was observing the black towel she placed under my feet and I noticed that only a few of my skin got removed (I guess I did not have much calluses?). She did this one foot at a time then did a massage to it before moving on to the next foot.
  • Foot Massage – This is what I was waiting for and where I had high expectations for. However, it simply did not meet my expectations.  This particular foot massage was simply kneading, pressing, pulling my toes, and checking the cellphone for any new text messages. There was no pattern or what so ever. I was hoping that she would press some of the pressure points as I usually see that in foot massages but there was none. It was just doing some random strokes and I’m not even sure if it lasted for 30 minutes (total for both feet).
  • Pedicure – After massaging both feet, the pedicure started. I was wondering what makes a pedicure very expensive? I observed what she was doing and I think I am able to do it too (on myself I guess), given the same tools she was using. (nailcutter, nipper, pusher [long stick 😉 lol], nail file). They didn’t even offer to “prettify” my nails! 😀

After the pedicure, the attendant just stood up and moved on to the next customer. There was no mention that the whole procedure was done already. So we simply left the place and discussed what just happened… (here it is now ^_^)

Overall, I’m glad that we only paid PHP250 for the whole experience because for the price PHP600, it simply wasn’t worth it. Still, I would like to thank Ensogo and Elegant Secrets Spa for letting me try out their services.

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Elegant Secrets Spa

Elegant Secrets Nail, Body, Waxing Studio
54 Timog Ave. Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City
+632 227-0795

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  1. Thanks for the information. Its good to know your experience at Elegant secret spa, because i was planning to purchase their full body massage promo. But thanks to you, im now aware of their service. Maybe, i will look for the other spa promos.

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