[Wii] Endless Ocean 2: Blue World

Endless Ocean 2: Blue World Wii Game

This is a game I recently got and tried in my Wii. Basically this game is a ocean simulation game where you play the role of a diver and you will go on dives, cataloging fishes and other marine life. All the controls are in the wiimote and it won’t allow you to play if you attach a nunchuk to it.

The controls are simple. You change direction by moving your wiimote and you swim forward by pressing the B button (similar to accelerator in racing games). The A button would be your all around button because it will let you do specific actions like focus on a fish, feed food to a fish, and other actions (similar to the left click of your mouse).

Since this is a simulation game, you are free to roam around the oceans and try to collect and complete your book of fishes by identifying all of them. You might need to go to different places to do this. I’m sure you will need a lot of patience to complete them (which I hope I have). You can also follow the story but the fun in this game will be on the collecting for sure. Aside from collecting sea life, you can also collect coins (I found one while in the tuturial) but I have no idea what it does.

Do try it out and see for yourselves. The game is unique in it’s own way but it was not enough to get me hooked the first time I played it.

For those who have down-loaded and burned the game, take note that…

Endless Ocean 2 Blue World will not work with the disc channel of Wii as far as my experience goes. I had to use Neogamma to make this game work and play with it. Although it is lagging once in a while and it has this loading time that’s a turn off for me.

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