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Group Buying Sites

This is the latest craze now where we now see websites offering group websites as long as a “quota” of buyers buy the deal. Presenting, Group Buying Sites in the Philippines!

Here’s a list of these websites that I have found so far. I have tried a few and usage has been very easy. They would have different interfaces especially the bigger ones but for the smaller ones, some would look similar (different headers, colors). I pay for my purchases via paypal (so convenient). You can also pay via other options like via your credit card, gcash/smart money, or you can drop by their office to pay manually. I will blog more about them when I finally get to use the coupons I paid for.

How does Group Buying Sites Work?

Almost daily, these websites will provide you with a new deal. They will offer huge discounts from 40% (sometimes up to 70% off) as long enough people buy the deal to activate the deal. If the quota is not met then the deal is off and those who who have bought will get their refunds. These deals only last for a few days so if you miss buying the deal, then you can just wait for new deals to come out.

After buying, you will get a coupon which you can print and present to the establishment where the deal can be claimed. Think of it as a gift checks that you get from special events or as gifts.

Deals range from food (eg. specific dishes, buffet), self pampering packages (eg. facial, massage, spas), lodgings (eg. hotels, rest houses) and many more.

Please read the following articles regarding Group Buying Sites:

If you have something to share about your Group Buying story, please let me know and I’ll post it here. πŸ™‚

Here’s the list: (some links are referral links)

Update (June 8, 2011):

Modified the tried and tested table by adding notes (extra features they have).

Update (May 6, 2011):
Segregated the websites into “Tried and tested” and “Under observation”

Update (April 26, 2011):
I changed it into a table format for easy reading. The successful transactions below are from my personal experiences. πŸ™‚

Group Buying Sites that have been Tried and Tested

Website Name Successful Buy/Redeem Notes
Buyanihan Referral Program
Discount for BDO Card holders
5+ deals daily
Ensogo Referral Program
Earn 3% back as credits
30+ deals daily
Discount for BDO Card holders
CashCashPinoy Referral Program
40+ Deals daily
Metrodeal Referral Program
50+ deals daily
Beeconomic Referral Program

Group Buying Sites that are Still Under Observation

Website Name Status Successful Buy Notes
Crazydeals Active 1 Piso deal
5+ Deals daily
Cuponz Active Spa Royale Referral Program
Megadeals Active Referral Program
Tipidto Active Referral Program
Dealspot Active 8+ deals daily
SaveonPinoy Active 12+ Deals Daily Active Can redeem without voucher (Flash Pass)
5+ deals daily
DealDozen Active
DealsTent Active
Gupo Active


Group Buying Sites that are Inactive

Website Name Comments
Pakyaw has merged with DealGrocer
Pilipinas Best Buys
Plejee Bluemile auto detailing Review
Brieo Deals
Cleverbuy Bacarra Spa Review


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Group Buying Sites from the Philippines

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50 thoughts on “Group Buying Sites Philippines

  1. I bought multiple vouchers in one of MetroDeal’s deals (RF Slimming Treatment) about a week ago and I’ve been trying to contact their partner establishment (La Estetica) to book an appointment but nobody’s taking my calls or the line is unavailable.

    Anyone else experiencing the same problem?

  2. Haven’t tried any of the sites mentioned above, but maybe i will try somehow. Lahat ba ay legitimate? By the way, Love the new looks off your blog allen. very

    1. Yes, they are legitimate but some don’t have enough deals nor have enticing deals for me to buy something from them. Thanks. Will still be busy tweaking them though. πŸ˜€

  3. 8 deals in dealspot ??? i view their wrbsite ah and there’s 12? update that.hahahaha i guess you haven’t saw their new website

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  5. Hi good morning! please include Brieo Deals in the list! Brieo Deals is very active and is engaged in social responsibility. They are tied up with U! happy events and coffee bean, they work hand in hand to reach out poor communities. In fact they have a deal this week wherein you can donate to the victims of the typhoon Pedring. Please do check and also, they have a contest where you can win vouchers and ipad2! Thanks guys! Please do check it guys! Thanks!

  6. Hi Everyone,

    Check out this new Group Buying Site. They are giving a way an iPad 2 and best of all you get P100 discount credit when you sign up.

    They let you earn as well, They are the only company that offers a Multi-Level Referral/Affiliate program. And members get to earn commission from buys generated from their Referral Network up to 3 referral levels.

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  7. I have tried cashcash, ensogo and what’s that other one?! Anyway, so far so good, the best way to use these though I think is through credit card purchase instead of doing it over the counter because you end up losing that “oh so convenient” advantage when you do the over the counter option….

    However, I;ve heard some horror stories where the merchant is so hard to contact. So now, what I do is I call the merchant first, before buying the voucher.
    Much love, Christia

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    1. Would it be buyanihan? I haven’t tried paying over the counter. Either I use paypal or credit card. πŸ˜€ horror stories yes, either the services/quality you get isn’t what they mentioned in the deal or there are other hidden terms that will bother you. I’m glad I haven’t experienced it yet.

  8. I have been active in some like Beeconomincs but I have been avoiding them for a while to resist temptation. Great deals though πŸ™‚

  9. Referring a group buying sites, especially done by a friend, attracts more prospective buyers. Those group buying sites are already reviewed by the referring persons/bloggers. This is a better business scheme or marketing approach. There’s a hefty earnings await for the referrers.

  10. have not tried buying in any of them, no not at the moment yet, i am a compulsive buyer and as much as possible i am breaking that habit of mine, hehe

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