Ensemble E-Travel Experience

Ensemble E-Travel Experience

Ensemble E-Travel Experience

Now that our Palawan trip c/o Ensemble E-Travel was over, I can now write a review of our experience with them.

Booking the trip

I contacted them via email and phone and it took a few follow-ups before we can get a reply. We were informed that instead of Asturias, we will be booked in Legends Hotel instead and we didn’t have no problems with that. We were also asked if we want to take the Underground River Tour or Honda Bay Optional Tours for PHP1500 each and we agreed. After doing a bank deposit for the tour, we emailed them the details and a few follow-ups later, we got their reply.

Ensemble E-Docket

The e-docket is your key for your trip. This contains your hotel booking information and itinerary. When they initially sent our e-docket, the dates were wrong! They were dated 2011 and we discovered this late. After panicking and doing a higher level of follow-ups, they sent us the revised e-docket and updated itinerary (tour included).

During the Tour

Upon our arrival at Puerto Princesa, the itinerary was being followed until we asked about the Underground River Tour. It was not booked and for this tour, advanced booking is required because necessary permits need to be acquired and they have limited slots per day. I tried calling Ensemble regarding this but either I’m getting a “subscriber cannot be reached” or no one was answering.

I’m really glad that Joy from Njoy Travel, Ensemble’s tour partner was very accommodating and she helped us avail of the tour on such a short notice.

Upon returning to Manila

I quickly emailed my complaint to Ensemble and I got a reply on the next day (I didn’t need to follow anymore?). They apologized for that miss. If we failed to get the tour, I’d demand more of an apology but I guess for now, it will suffice.

One thing I learned from this experience was to not rely or trust these agents completely. You will need to ensure, verify and confirm everything else they might commit mistakes and overlook details.

If you wish to contact Ensemble, please visit the Ensemble Contact Numbers Page. Trust me, you will really need those numbers even if a lot of them don’t work or is unattended.

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