Facebook Ninja Saga Element Guide

Facebook Ninja Saga Element Guide

In Ninja Saga, you are given a choice on which element would you like to have as your base element then your second element. Among the five elements, which one will you choose? A guide to the Facebook Game Ninja Saga Elements…

We have five elements and each of them have their own perks to your character.

WIND = 8% dodge rate, 20 agility ^ + 20% increased wind
FIRE = 8% increased damage to all ninjutsus, 8% chance for 30% damage increase, 20% increased fire jutsu
EARTH = +240hp, 8% chance to reflect 30% of damage and 20% on earth jutsu
LIGHTNING = 8% chance to crit, 16% chance to increase crit damage, and lightning 20% dmage
WATER = 8% chance to remove negative buffs, 240 chakra and water 20% damage

When adding Attribute Points, here is what you will get. For every point you add in your Ninja Saga attributes
WIND = 0.4%Dodge + 1 Agility + 1% Bonus damage to Wind Ninjutsu
FIRE = 0.4% to all damagae + 0.4% chance to increase damage by 30% in next turn + 1% Bonus damage to Fire Ninjutsu
EARTH = 30 max HP, 0.4% Chance to reflect 30% damage taken to attacker + 1% Bonus damage to Earth Ninjutsu
LIGHTNING = 0.4% Critical Chance + increase critical strike damage bonus by 0.8% + 1% Bonus damage to Lightning Ninjutsu
WATER = 30 max CP + 0.4% chance to remove all negative buffs + 1% Bonus damage to Water Ninjutsu

Recommended Facebook Ninja Saga Combo

Earth + Fire = Fire gives insane damage and Earth Stuns them. ^_^

You can also substitute fire with lightning and hope for the best in critical damage chances.

That is it for Ninja Saga Element Guide. Hope this has helped you. You can browse down for more tips and tricks to playing Ninja Saga for Facebook.

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