[Facebook] Facebook Social City First Timer’s Guide

Facebook Social City First Timer’s Guide

I recently started playing social city because I ran out of energy from Treasure Isle and in my autoplayer is still running for Mafia Wars.

On first starting this application, I simply followed the prompts (mini tutorial) that was shown to me so I earned some experience, gold, population, contracts and other stuffs which I really did not understand at first. After the mini tutorial, I did some clicking and learned more about the game.

Basically, Social City is similar to the popular game Sim City where you get control of a town/city and you get to decide to build there to make it a prosperous town. It is not as in depth like Sim City but the basics are there like building houses, infrastructure, money making buildings and happiness giving buildings.

Social City Game Concepts:

Level – Almost everything you do gives you experience. Collect enough experience and you will gain a level. Leveling up unlocks new things for you such as new buildings, structures and other stuff.

Population – these are your people and one of the most important things to watch for in social city. Your population determines how many factories can you build. Population can be increased by building residential buildings which generates people after a set number of time (you have to click on the building to gain population).

Happiness – This is like the current status of your population. On a much better note, happiness determines the maximum number of citizens you can have (population limit). If you go past this limit, they will be unhappy (overcrowded). You can increase happiness by creating Leisure Buildings.

Coins – This is the game currency and can be earned from factories, helping out your friends and you use them to improve your city by buying new structures.

Buildings – This is what improves your city. You may want to build buildings for the sake of improving the look of your city or you can be like me and build only what you think will benefit your city to gain more population. You can build the following.

  • Residential Buildings (increases population)
  • Factories (earns gold)
  • Leisure (increases happiness)
  • Terrain (increases happiness)
  • Roads (your cities’ infrastructure)
  • City Limits (expands your city area so that you can add more buildings)

So that’s it for the game concepts. If you want to say something, just leave it in the comments below.

Useful Social City Resources for you:

Thank you.

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  1. Hi All, I am in Level 30 but when i click on Expand City Limit, there is no other size that I can expand. I have alot of neighbours so certainly its not due to not enough neighbour. Pls advise

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