Farmville Guide – Tips and Tricks and Cheats

Farmville Guide – Tips and Tricks and Cheats

Farmville Guide – Tips and Tricks and Cheats

Farmville is a game by Zynga where it simulates you owning a farm. If you have played Restaurant City, then you should be familiar with the concept of this game. In Restaurant City, you manage a restaurant and in here, you manage a farm, simple enough right?

I will admit that I am a newbie on this game as I started playing this late but since I have a very competitive nature, I won’t allow myself to be a newbie for a long time. That is why I did some research on how to make money fast in Farmville and what to plant and grow best in Farmville. Games like these eat up our time so I said to myself, I need a guide that is very optimized and would tell me only what to do to be successful so that I could improve my farm in a fast rate. I don’t have the luxury of time to dwell upon learning bit by bit, I want to learn it all so I did some research in Farmville guides and Farmville tips and tricks.

I realized that not all players play the same way and usually those who have very high scores, either cheat (yes you can cheat in Farmville by using Farmville cheats), are the real experts in the game (gained of course via experience or by utilizing guides or secrets , one of which I found and will be sharing below) or just have a longer playing time than others (it is a very big advantage really!) .

We always want to level the playing field right? So it is not wrong to give ourselves a bit of a head start by knowing some Farmville Secrets (older players might say, I already know that but are you really sure? ). However, let me just point out that even after knowing the secrets in farmville, you still have to apply what you have learned in order to be successful. So the strategy here is to first , know the secrets and then apply the secrets.

I hope this has been helpful for you and see you at the top.I will post more tips and tricks for Farmville as I course through the game but while waiting, here’s a link to a great strategy guide to Farmville (what I am currently using now).

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