First Blog Downtime

Earlier today when I woke up to check my blog, it was down. First it was due to an sql error but after a few minutes, the whole site is down. I can’t even log in into my control panel. I thought it was for my blog but when I checked pinoyblogero’s blog, it was down also. So it affected everyone who is under Philhosting.

What happened earlier Philhosting? What’s with the downtime?

6 thoughts on “First Blog Downtime

  1. I think that also happened early this morning.. I was trying to blog hop but I can’t access some of the sites in my bloghop list, yours and Karlo’s included.

    1. Hmm this sounds bad. Haha Karlo already warned me about this but I still tried it because it’s cheaper. haha

  2. you don’t have to worry about downtimes, because it’s normal especially if one of the hosting clients uploaded buggy wordpress plugins.

    Even Google and Yahoo experience downtime.

  3. I had that happen recently, then it just came back on by itself. Do you know who the most reliable hosts are for websites?

  4. Im also on Philhosting. They also sucked during the beginning – a lot of front-ended lags. You get what you pay for. lol. Masyado tayong naghanap ng mura.

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