Flying via PAL Mabuhay Business Class

Flying via PAL Mabuhay Business Class

Yesterday, upon my return to Manila, I experienced the big difference of flying Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay Business Class compared to Economy/Fiesta class.

My plane ticket has been bought using PAL’s Mabuhay Miles redemption program and costs 5000 points. Actually I did not know that I was flying business class until my mother told me that it is. At the airport, you still go through the same procedure of checking-in, getting frisked every time you pass by a x-ray machine, and you get the same waiting area for the plane. However, you can avail of a lounge that is available for business / priority class only. I regret that I did not get to it in time because when I discovered it (yes I did not know also), it was just a few minutes before boarding. I managed to use the internet for a limited time (played ikariam) before I boarded the plane.

While on the plane, I was surprised that the stewardess knew our last names. It makes you feel that you are not just another face in the crowd (ears clapping). I also got a good meal which is a

For technicalities, here are what I have observed as the differences:

  • Bigger Luggage limit – Normally you only get 20kg, but Business class gets 30kg!
  • Separate baggage claim area – Our baggage was not mixed with economy/fiesta class but we had our own. This ensured that we get our baggage faster and much easier than the rest.
  • Bigger seats – The plain usually has three seats per side but for business class, they only have two but using the space of three. Now you can calculate the space you gain.
  • Better meals – Really , normally you get some crackers and peanuts, but I got a half peach, and some noodles.
  • Personalized stewardess – there is a stewardess that attends to just six (6) of you only. On our flight, we were only three
  • Special lounge for Business class only – this I missed to abuse. they have free food and free net access there.

It was really a nice experience. It is just more expensive but you are just buying your luxury lol.

Oh just an addition, in redeeming your Mabuhay Miles.

Normal flights = 4000 miles

Business class = 5000 miles

See more info about Pal Mabuhay Miles Business Class here.

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