Foot Zone Day Spa

Foot Zone Day Spa Experience

Foot Zone Day Spa Experience

Foot Zone Day Spa
Entrance to Foot Zone Day Spa

Did you know that by applying pressure to parts of your feet, it can be beneficial to your body? This is what they call as reflexology and that’s something I have recently experienced at Foot Zone Day Spa.

Foot Zone Day Spa is located along Annapolis Street (walking distance from Santolan MRT station). Last Saturday, I scheduled a visit to try out their massage services. As I rode the MRT towards Santolan station, a heavy downpour occurred and since I didn’t bring an umbrella, I got stranded at the MRT station. It was a bit stressful for me as I was torn if I should just run, get an uber, catch a taxi or just wait it out. In the end I waited it out and once the rain stopped, I marched towards Foot Zone.

Foot Zone Day Spa Lobby
Hotel like lobby for Foot Zone

Foot Zone looks like a hotel lobby with their comfy and spacious sofa chairs. Before I can properly warm my seat; I was called towards my massage. I was lead into a room that I guess would be a common room (they also have VIP rooms). The group room I went had four lazy boy chairs which was divided into pairs.

note-it would be awkward to change into their provided shirt and short because other guests can go into the common room at anytime. 

Foot Zone Day Spa - Lazy Boy
Foot Zone Day Spa – Lazy Boy

So off I went to make myself comfy on the lazy boy chair. It had three towels; one for your legs and two for each of your feet. Minutes later, the masseuse came in with a wooden pail where your feet will be soaked. It was warm and “herbal”. It was so relaxing! She also gave me a hot towel for my back.

As of this moment, I thought of taking pictures to document my experience but I don’t have the confidence to showcase my legs and feet in this blog. 

After the soaking was done; the massage started. I was having the foot reflexology package. Each foot was worked on with certain strokes and presses. Some were tolerable; while others were painful. You can always ask for more pressure or to tone it down. 40 minutes later (yes, time moved so fast!), the massage was followed by ventosa on the feet. A short stretching session followed and the package was done. I was offered tea which I gladly accepted.

Overall, it was great experience! I loved the ambiance of the place and the relaxing feeling as I was getting massaged. I felt like I could just simply sit there, close my eyes and let my thoughts wander off.. but there were moments of pain, so too bad.

Although Foot Zone specializes in Foot Reflexology; they also offer body massage and scrubs for those who want a complete body massage experience. You have the option opt for the trained masseuse or for a Master (more expensive and limited availability).

Disclosure: Foot Zone sponsored my Foot Reflexology Package

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