Free Text Twist Solution | Text Twist Solver

Text Twist Solution | Text Twist Solver

Have you heard or played the game Text Twist? Want to be the best player in text twist so that you can impress your friends or your boo? ^_^Text Twist Solver

Test twist is a game where you are shown scrambled letters and you have to form words out of them. There is usually a time limit so you have to think fast. This is a good game to increase your vocabulary and a fun game to play with others.

However, if you are feeling competitive or you just want to finish the game, let me introduce you to the Text Twist Solver. Just write the scrambled letters and it will generate words for you. Cheat! LoL

Click here for the text twist solver

8 thoughts on “Free Text Twist Solution | Text Twist Solver

  1. So you copy the scrambled text from Text Twist, paste it into the solver, and you get the right words. And this is supposed to be fun? 🙂

    One time, I used a cheat to unlock all the cars when one of the Need for Speed ame versions had just come out. Took all the fun out of the game. Never used any cheats after that.

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