Asian Massage: Full Body Aromatic Massage & Foot Detox

Full Body Aromatic Massage & Foot Detox By Asian Massage

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Thanks to; I was able to try out this deal

P200 instead of P600 for a Relaxing 2 Hours Combo including Full Body Aromatic Massage & Foot Detox at Asian Massage

I was glad that I bought a lot of massage vouchers in advance because this was the third place I called to schedule a massage because my previous two vouchers were fully booked for the date I wanted. Thank you Asian Massage else my plans would have been ruined. 😀

This would official start my 25th birthday celebration and I was with Jessa as we went and tried this massage together. Ambiance wise, the receiving lobby looked Ok but what bothers me is the massage area. If you look at their massage area, you would see that you will be lying down in neighboring mattress (similar to what you see in facial shops) which would be acceptable if you will be having a facial. But imagine that you are just in your underwear with a towel covering you and you would be laying down side by side with other people (privacy anyone?).

Note: Since we didn’t really explore the whole place, I’m hoping that they don’t do massages there else… privacy anyone?

For us, we were brought to the VIP room which… was actually, just a small room with three beds. (One of which was an “extra” bed” because it didn’t look like the other two beds).

So what about the service? Well, we will be getting two types of services (make that one, see below). …

1 hour massage and 1 hour foot detox. Actually the foot detox is just a foot patch that they recommended that we just take it home and apply it at the comfort of our home because it would be better to use it at night and let it stay for 6-8 hours.

Now, let us go to the massage.

At the start of the session, the therapist asked if I wanted moderate or hard to which I replied, just moderate. I would later regret the decision because there were times that even though I can feel her hands, I don’t feel much pressure on my body. The massage was mainly Swedish due to the kneading motions but there were occasional pressing on some points (which I say would be Shiatsu).

I couldn’t say much on the massage as I was trying to relax, not think of anything and also sleep. All I can say was it could have been better (perhaps more pressure) because even at my legs, I didn’t feel that ticklish-pain that I usually feel when I get massages on my leg. The massage on my face was so-so but they did not take into consideration that I have some pimples there to which she crushed without mercy. =(

Oh well, I only noticed that when the session was finished and my pimple had dried blood on it.

Overall, the experience was so – so. Already good at the price of PHP200 but I don’t think it would be worth PHP600 as advertised. If you want, Asian Massage offers massages at a rate of PHP300 for one hour. This means if we ignore the foot patch (which was ignorable), we would still have gotten a 33% discount for our massage. Not bad eh? 😀

Check out Jessa’s review of Asian Massage too. 🙂

Asian Massage / Asian Clinic
Makati Branch:
1B Goldrich Mansion Bldg.
4658 Cuangco St. Cor. South Superhighway
Makati City

758-2589, 728-5263

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