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Is gaming industry exploring new horizons?

Is gaming industry exploring new horizons?

Gaming Industry
Gaming Industry

The rapidly growing gaming industry is on the move and doesn’t seem to stop anywhere in the near future. It has been growing exponentially and with every passing year there is the development of new technological devices that play a contributory role in providing novel experience (like participatory and immersive experiences) to the players and transforming the gaming world. The deep-settled desires of players for richer experiences , new angles and breath-taking graphics is providing an impetus to the developers to come up with better machines and improved softwares. Also, the advent of latest technologies is opening a brand new world for the brands, marketers and forerunners to extract maximum benefit from this booming gaming industry!

“The technological advancements are committed towards making video gaming as real as it can be” says Bishop from Game Period.

Virtual reality, the latest big thing in gaming!

Virtual reality has taken the gaming world by storm. It’s one of the magnificent things that have happened to the gaming world. The VR world is artificially designed to provide maximum sensory experience to the players. The gamers all over the world find it an amazing and breathe taking experience! But that’s not enough. They don’t want the developers to stop and expect something equally mind blowing from them in the years to come. So the best is yet to be!

 Mobile gaming seems to be the new trend!

I won’t be overstating if I say that mobile gaming is creating more revenue than any other gaming platform. It’s easy for people around the world to just pick up their mobile phones and start playing a game that can do a lot of good to them by giving them an amazing experience. There are so many mobile games that have become so popular that people of all age groups like to play them and even compete with each other in those games.

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality can be seen as the latest innovation in the rapidly growing technological world. Augmented reality (AR) enhances the sensory sensations and offers an exaggerated real-like view to the users. To make it clearer, you just have to hold your mobile phone and point in towards your surroundings, your mobile phone will provide you with all the relevant information regarding the nearby restaurants, cafes, banks, markets etc. for your navigation.

Cloud gaming

Reliable and stable internet connection in recent times has given way to cloud gaming.

“Cloud gaming is going to bean integral part of the future gaming industry” said Will Wright.

Cloud gaming basically enables the users to stream games through video streaming or file streaming methods. This format of gaming aims to provide the users with an online playing ability across various devices. It has been said that the major objective of cloud gaming is to make games easily accessible just like movies and music. The best thing with cloud gaming is that we don’t have to wait long for the updates in order to enjoy playing a new game. All we need to have is a reliable and stable internet connection and we can simply play to our hearts content!

How technology will evolve in the future is something extremely hard to predict as no one knows what the future scientific world has in store for all of us! But we can assume that the gaming industry is extending its limit and would reach to such a point that the line between gaming and reality would become vague and blur.

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