Get an alert everytime google indexes your blog

My Google Alert Experiment

This is an experiment of one of Google’s features called Google Alerts. This is the description of Google Alert based from their page.

Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.

Some handy uses of Google Alerts include: [1] monitoring a developing news story, [2] keeping current on a competitor or industry, [3] getting the latest on a celebrity or event, [4] keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams.

Creating the Google Alert

Creating a Google Alert is easy. Just enter the search terms you want to receive updates on, choose what type of report, how often should you receive the report and give your email address.


Since Google Alerts is supposed to send you alerts based on the latest relevant results about a specific search keyword/query, I thought of an idea. What if I’ll use this to send me an alert that will let me know every time Google indexes something new from my blog?

For example, if I want to receive updates of the latest Google search results on the search terms, “silkenhut“, I would use that as my search terms.
Also, did you know that you can use the search term “site:yourblog” such as “” to know what pages Google has indexed from your blog or website? Note that when Google indexes a page of your blog, it is included in the Google search results. Do you get it so far?

So now, how do you think I can get an alert every time Google indexes my blog? Ain’t it similar to receiving updates of the latest Google search results (latest pages Google has indexed) about my blog? In order to make this more clearer, I tried it by making an alert of the search term “” and here is what I got in my email.

Based on this email, I can say that it works. Although I’m not really sure if this is the supposed result in Google Alerts. What do you think about it? ^_^

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3 thoughts on “Get an alert everytime google indexes your blog

  1. i think i read about this in Karlo’s blog. Yeah it’s really helpful specially when searching topics that are rare. pwede rin sa blog. hehehhe. sana may PR Alert din. hehehe

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