Give some love to your commentators

Since I am very thankful to the people who visit, comment and just read my blog, I would like to give some love. Aside from saying, I love you all (oh yeah!), you get a reward! The reward is this, the top commentators plug-in.

These are the settings that I have set in the options.

  • The top commentators will be featured for 15 days before it resets.
  • Up to ten (10) commentators will be displayed
  • If there is a link provided, then your name will also have a link.

Although since my blog is fairly new, I don’t know if it can benefit the blogs of the top commentators. Oh well, now if only I can make it work… -_-

Edit: Yeah I made it work… Based on what I have done, it does not work if I just used a text widget for it so I edited the template manually.

Continue for a tip on how to maximize your link using this plug-in
Just a simple tip if you want to maximize your link while you are included in the top commentator list.

  • Instead of linking to your website, link to a blog post that you have.
  • Although giving your name is more personalized, if you want to think of SEO and all that stuff then instead of using your name, use some keywords.

These two tips can benefit your blog more. But I guess the second tip can have positive and negative effects.

How to install/show/activate the top commentators plug-in?

  1. Download the plug-in file from the author’s site.
  2. Put the file show_top_commentators.php into your wp-content/plugins/ folder
  3. Activate the plug-in in the wordpress administration
  4. Show top commentators does not have an interface for its options. You have to manually edit the show_top_commentators.php file to set the options. However, it is properly documented so it is easy to follow.
  5. All that’s left is to display it into your template. This is the code that you will be adding in your template.
    <?php if(function_exists('ns_show_top_commentators')) { ?>
    <h2>Top Commentators</h2>
    <ul><?php ns_show_top_commentators(); ?></ul>
    <?php } ?>
  6. Now to put this in your sidebar, there are two ways to do it.
    1. Use a text widget and paste that code (I tried this and it did not work… -_-)
    2. Manually edit your sidebar.php file (I recommend that you make a back up of your sidebar.php file first before editing it)
      sidebar.php can be found under Presentation->Theme Editor->Sidebar.php

8 thoughts on “Give some love to your commentators

  1. Congratulations on your new top commentators plugin! When I added my own plugin on my blog, the number of comments on my blog slowly rose.

  2. hehe , i would like to add that one too, but my layout is too delicate to deal with.. 😀 i have to change the whole look, just to get the widgets that i wanted, properly set in..

    1. I just checked your site. You can add this plug-in easily by adding some code in your template. Hmm thanks for the idea, I’ll edit the post by adding instructions on how to install it.

  3. may mga bagay na ayaw kong isipin pero hindi ko naman kayang ituloy pero takot akong wakasan , yun bang ayaw ko ng umasa pero gusto ko paring mag hintay

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