Globe LTE Sim - Micro Sim

Globe LTE Micro Sim

Globe LTE Micro Sim

Globe LTE Sim - Micro Sim

I recently said good bye to my I-forgot-how-many-years-old sim card and had it replaced for a micro-sim for my new phone.

This was done at a Globe Service Center and they replaced my sim card for free. Activation was done on the spot and after I inserted the sim into my phone, it was registered immediately.

So what’s the difference between my old sim (mini-sim) vs a micro-sim?

In the picture above, you can see that the huge outline would be the mini-sim and the smaller outline would be the micro-sim. However, in terms of internal specifications, I have no idea. But there’s one thing that I have noticed in terms of Internet speed.

In my old sim, using mobile data would give me dial-up speeds and it was like my emergency plan as I can’t really rely on it for day to day use. However, using this new micro-sim, I was surprised at the speed! I easily reached 100kb/s at a restaurant here in Iloilo.

Of course, this is not yet the speed of LTE as we don’t have it here yet but it was a great jump from the previous speed (Correction: Iloilo now has LTE). I couldn’t be happier! Now I’m looking forward to testing LTE back in Manila. Will make an update to this post soon!

Just a quick update since I have already tried it here in Makati.

Location Speed
Iloilo – Villa Reached 100kb/s
Iloilo – at home inconsistent but around 30 to 40 kb/s
Makati at home Reached 500kb/s WOW!!! (

 Will this make me think of getting a data plan? Unless I can convince myself on why I should get a data plan instead of relying on wifi then no data plan for me yet.

Update: I also need to mention that I was using different phones while using these two sims so that could be a factor too.

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