Android Mobile Data for Globe Bill 82

Globe Mobile Internet Disabled

Globe Mobile Internet Disabled

Android Mobile Data for Globe Bill 82
Android Mobile Data for Globe Bill 82

This is a continuation of my post on Globe Telecom’s Data Charges. It is still unresolved and it re-occurred again on my latest bill. I was charged for using 2580 minutes of Time Based browsing even if I didn’t use it nor activated “Mobile Data” throughout the whole month.

Globe Telecoms Bill 82 - 2580 minutes

Of course, I complained again and let my emotions get the best of me (see last part of post)…

I was given two options by their support team:

  1. My Sim is LTE-capable so as per Globe, “internet connection is necessary for lines with LTE simcards”. They suggested that I should change my sim to a non-lte sim.
  2. How about I subscribe to their unlimited mobile surfing plan?

I didn’t like these two options.

For # 1, I had this sim last December 2013 .. but I started having problems on April 2014. So if it was a problem with my simcard, I should have gotten this issue from the start right?

For #2, no way. Aside from data caps (fair use policy), I already have a uncapped home internet subscription and also free Wi-Fi at the office.

In short, those two options were rejected and I once again reiterated my demands and here’s their reply.

Allen Demands

Globe Reply

1. Reverse the charges Yes – will reverse on next bill
2.  Provide extract of data charges Pending – waiting for results
3. Disable mobile data on my account Disabled as of Sept 1, 2014
4. Fix their system No comment.

So far, #2 is still pending (and was pending since May) and #4 remains unacknowledged. #1 will be done and I’m expecting to see it on my next bill while # 3 has been done yesterday.

Disable mobile data on my account

Why this I ask for this? Well, I just want to further prove that I’m not using mobile data on my account and I’d like to see how their system handles this. Two things can happen which would be:

  1. I would still get charged and that will prove that something is really wrong with their system or;
  2. I won’t be charged. Although that might say that their system is working; I will still request for the data extract for the past months.

So the waiting game begins.

Till my next bill,


PS: I mentioned that I let my emotions get the best of me and thinking about it now; I’m telling myself that I shouldn’t have done that and I should have kept my cool. Instead; I let myself be filled with anger and unleashed a furry of cuss words in two of my email replies. Whoever was reading that mail as the recipient would feel bad or get offended especially if they are really just doing their job and it might have been out of their power to really help me.

With that; I am apologizing for that moment of madness ….

…. but that doesn’t let the off the hook as the issue I have is still unresolved as of writing and that’s something I’m still expecting them to resolve.

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