Globe Time Based Browsing 0 Byte Usage

Globe Provides the Mobile Data Extract

Globe Provides the Mobile Data Extract

Globe Time Based Browsing 0 Byte Usage

Finally, Globe Telecoms have provided me the data extract of my supposed usage and it was quite alarming. It shows that there were a lot of connections made but no data usage was done (Volume column). So the question would be; who or what is making or opening these connections?

This is the 3rd post in my issue with Globe Telecoms charging me with mobile data charges that I had no idea on nor have used.

  1. Globe Telecoms Ghost Data Charges
  2. Globe Mobile Internet Disabled

So going back; who’s making or opening these connections?

A theory would be that the phone itself creates these connections to sync but fails to do so. 

I find it hard to believe this theory because:

  1. Mobile Data is not activated (always in Off) on my phone since I’m always connected to Wifi
  2. I’m not aware of any apps that would automatically enable mobile data without my knowledge.
  3. In case mobile data gets enabled (by whatever reason), would Wifi connection take precedence over it?
  4. Most of the these connections occur when I’m already asleep or still at the office


So far the following have been applied as workarounds after a technician came to my home to physically check my phone for malicious apps.

  1. Convert me from TIME-based browsing to KB-based browsing. You can do this by sending either KB or TIME to 1111
  2. Changed the APN of my phone from to a random text
  3. Changed network mode from GSM / WCDMA / LTE (Auto) to GSM / WCDMA

and we continue to monitor for any new data usage charges. At least, we are getting somewhere.

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