Globe Telecoms Customer Service on Twitter

Globe Telecoms Customer Service on Twitter

Globe Telecoms Customer Service on Twitter

It’s nice to see companies using social media to reach out to their customers. For example, we have Globe who recently launched several twitter accounts to help you 24 / 7 (they work in shifts similar to a call center). Although they also have their own Facebook page, I believe that twitter offers a more personal approach since your conversations will be one on one when you interact (unlike in Facebook where your concern might get buried with other people’s concern on their wall).

The only limitation I saw was that these Globe Online Specialists on twitter only helps personal accounts. Corporate accounts would have a different channel (I don’t know as of writing).

So now, meet the Globe’s Online Specialists on twitter. [twitter_follow username=”talk2GLOBE” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”JohnOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”AnneOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”JoyceOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”AntheaOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”KenOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”NelskiOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”KirkOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”ChrisOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”MariaOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”DeniseOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”MJOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”DeyOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”PeejOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”EmilyOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”RandyOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”IanOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”RolandOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”JenOfGlobe” language=”en”] [twitter_follow username=”StephOfGlobe” language=”en”]

However, this public service was recently spoiled by people-who-have-nothing-to-do-better-in-their-lives by creating bogus twitter accounts and trying to pass of as one of the official globe accounts. In short, impostors. To ensure that you are talking to the correct and official twitter account of a Globe Online Specialist, please visit this page for more info.

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