Globe Telecoms Bill 81 - 4097.26 minutes

Globe Telecoms “Ghost” Data Charges

Globe Telecoms “Ghost” Data Charges

Globe Bill Data Charges in MinutesGlobe Bill Data Charges in Minutes
Globe Bill Data Charges in Minutes as a graph

Enough is enough! In the past few months (and up to now); Globe has been charging me with “ghost” data charges. Now what do I mean by “ghost” data charges? These are data charges that suddenly show up on your bill even if you didn’t utilize their data service.

Just to give a background on me;

  • I have been a Globe Postpaid Subscriber for nearly ten years.
  • I am using Time-Based Browsing ; and not KB based browsing
  • I rely on my home and office internet connection for my internet needs (via wifi)
  • I own an android phone and I know how to turn on and off mobile data on that phone
  • I do use mobile data ; however this is very rare like less than 10x a month.
  • In the case that I badly need internet and would use it for a long period ; I would subscribe to 1 day supersurf worth PHP 50
  • I have used Supersurf 50 only twice this year (April and July)
  • I turn off mobile data an hour before my supersurf 50 expires

So here’s my story.

Globe Bill 77 – 870 Minutes

It started on my Globe Bill 77 (27 Feb 14 -26 Mar 14) where I noticed a sudden increase on my data charges.

Globe Telecoms Bill 77 - 870minutes
Globe Telecoms Bill 77 – 870 minutes of data charges!

When I saw that, I thought that I was just using mobile data a lot that month so I didn’t think anything was wrong. 870 minutes equals 58 counts of 15 minutes on Time Based Browsing. 

Globe Bill 78 – 1850 Minutes

However, when my next bill came (Globe Bill 78); here I began to suspect that something was wrong.

Globe Telecoms Bill 78 - 1850minutes
Globe Telecoms Bill 78 – 1850 minutes of data charges!

I subscribed to Supersurf 50 on the 25th of April. You can see that on the fixed charges.

However, I am wondering how was I able to accumulate 1850 minutes of Time Based Browsing and even had 6kb of KB Browsing charges?

You cannot even divide 1850 minutes by 15 as that gives a result of 123.333333333333. My basis for this is because time based browsing is per 15 minutes.

This is roughly 30 hours so my theory here was that I was charged for my browsing even while I was subscribed to supersurf. I would still be left with 6 hours or around 24 instances of time based browsing.

I contested this and they waived this on my next bill. I thought my horror story would end there but no….

Globe Bill 79 – 1250.10 Minutes

Globe Telecoms Bill 79 - 1250.1 minutes
Globe Telecoms Bill 79 – 1250.1 minutes of Data Charges!

I got billed again for 1, 250.10 minutes.

Since I was already wary from Bill 78, I scarcely used mobile data that month. Again, 1250 cannot be divided by 15 minutes as it gives a result of 83.3333333. 1250 minutes is equivalent to around 20 hours of mobile data.

Again I complained to their support group via twitter, via our globe business account manager but to no avail. Sadly, they aren’t able to give me an extract to show how I managed to use that up.

Globe Bill 80 – 2370 minutes

Globe Telecoms Bill 80 - 2370 minutes
Globe Telecoms Bill 80 – 2370 minutes of data charges!

So it continues…

I had that weird KB Browsing Charges again. The good thing here is that 2370 minutes is divisible by 15 as that gives us 158 counts of 15 minutes. But the bad news is; who was using it as it was certainly not me.

Globe Bill 81 – 4097.2 minutes

Globe Telecoms Bill 81 - 4097.26 minutes
Globe Telecoms Bill 81 – 4097.26 minutes of data charges

and it gets worse by Bill 81. I once again subscribed to supersurf 50 (which you can see on my bill) and I got my highest data charge yet! Also, the weird KB browsing charges returns!

You cannot divide 4097.26 by 15 as that gives you 273.15066666677. 4097.26 is around 68 hours.

Bills prior to Bill 77

If you want to see my usage prior to bill 77, here they are. See the difference?

Globe Telecoms Bill 73 to 76
Globe Telecoms Bill 73 to 76

So what now?

  • I am still complaining to Globe Support Teams via twitter and email.
  • I am requesting an extract of my data usage; which until now hasn’t been given.
  • I will not pay for these data charges until it is proven that I indeed used them – however, I will pay for my basic plan that I have.

Personal Theory

There is a bug in Globe’s system especially in their billing. I don’t know why they won’t admit this. I have seen several blog posts that complain about the same thing. What if in their upgrades, it screwed up TIME vs KB based browsing and I’m actually being charged for KB browsing?  Again, it they can only show me their data extracts. From my records, I am subscribed to Time Based Browsing since 2011 and I even have a text from 1111 to prove it.

Well, their easy solution is to waive the charges. But what about those that don’t notice thus were not able to complain? Well, that’s free money for Globe Telecoms. I don’t know what kind of service management Globe Telecoms has but with a recurring incident such as this; there should already be an in-depth investigation being done and not just via workaround (reverse the charge). Again, why bother as Globe is a business and business means profit – easy money!

Please note that I am not the only one suffering from this issue.

Here’s some samples:

I will update this post for further developments.

Till next time,


PS: The following accounts are in touch with me for this issue:

I thank you for trying to help but it has been months now; and the issue keeps on getting worse on every bill!

6 thoughts on “Globe Telecoms “Ghost” Data Charges

  1. Hi! This is exactly what happened to my two postpaid plan with Globe, I already terminated my plan yesterday since they wont bother to investigate these ghost data charges and I want to be free on this kind of “scam” on data charging. Bad thing, i have to pay my billings just to terminate their services.

    Anyway, either it is a “system bug” or there are personnel in Globe that already using our accounts, Globe management will not admit it cause it will be the downfall of their business.

    1. Does that mean that you had to pay just to terminate? That is like a robbery! My personal belief that there is a system bug as you can remember they had a major infra upgrade just last year. They call it network modernization but that would have probably brought it a lot of bugs that they won’t admit to.

  2. I just found out now, Oct 12, 2014. I got ghost billing for “Time Browsing Charges-WEB/Internet”. And the thing is I DONT EVEN HAVE ANY DATA PLANS! I think it started when I purchased a smart phone and have to get a new Micro SIM. I will review all my statements all the way back to April 2014.

  3. Hi im experiencing the same with globe! Im being charged with additional data when my phone cellular data is not turned on! I’ve been a loyal globe subscriber for 17yrs and probably spent more than 10hrs since nov when i reported this to globe. I dont want to cut my line without exhausting all means but i need to know how this will get resolved!

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