Globe’s Fair Use Policy – From a Consumer Point of View

Globe’s Fair Use Policy Explained

Globe (FUP) Fair Use Policy Jan 2014 - Click to Enlarge

The Fair Usage Policy. For telcos, it is their way to stop those who “abuse their networks” by using their service for downloading, streaming and other purposes that needs a lot of bandwidth. For users, this is the policy to enforce LIMITS on something advertised as UNLIMITED.

For more info about Globe’s Fair Use Policy, go here [] but you can also read the info-graphic above. 

Here are the important points based on the policy.

  1. This means customers on an internet promo and plan who exceed 1 GB a day or 3 GB per month (whichever comes first) will experience browsing at 2G speeds.
  2. Our Fair Use Policy applies to all surfing promos and data plans for Globe postpaid and Tattoo Lifestyle Sticks, except PowerSurf. It also doesn’t cover surfing charged with regular browsing rates (P5/15 minutes).
  3. Mobile surfing offers from Globe are generally meant for emailing, browsing and search activities.

As a consumer, I can understand the 1GB a day limit which basically gives us 30GB a month but the monthly cap 3 GB is not good!

How fast can you use up 1 GB or 3 GB? 


Similar to ?

1 GB

3 GB

7 KB/s Dial-up Speed or 2G (GPRS) ~40 hours ~120 hours or 5 days
20 KB/s DSL/Cable
or 2G (Edge)
~14 hours ~41 hours
50 KB/s DSL / Cable ~5.5 hours ~16 hours
100 KB/s DSL / Cable ~3 hours ~8 hours
500 KB/s LTE? ~30 minutes ~1 hour and 30 minutes

*The assumption here is you are getting consistent speed through-out your usage so this is very hypothetical. I just want to show you how fast you can use up 1gb or 3gb.

**GPRS / Edge speed based from the theoretical speed mentioned in Wikipedia (2g)

What’s the use of having LTE speed if you are just going to use it for Facebook or Twitter? 

Compare the following sentences:

  • Hey look! I can browse Facebook at 1.5MB per sec! OR;
  • Hey look! I am downloading at 1.5MB per sec

Additional Info

You can read more about it here on their FAQ ( where it says what happens when you reach your data cap.

  • Once you reach 1GB per day, you will be throttled but returned to normal speed by midnight.
  • *One you reach 3GB per month, you will be throttled but returned to normal speed by next month.

*Although, according to Globe on Twitter, once you reach 3GB/month, you will be returned to normal speed by midnight which is confusing so I’m going to clear this up with them. 

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