Googel and the sudden drop of traffic

Googel and the sudden drop of traffic

Google!!! Why have you abandoned my blog? Why are not sending visitors anymore? What have I done to you?!

Now, you must be thinking that I’m crazy shouting at a search engine but I’d like to share with you something that happened on June 12 (google traffic dropped on June 12). My traffic suddenly dropped nearly to half! Google Traffic Loss

Statistics on the Googel Traffic Drop / Google Traffic Drop

Here are more evidences of the Googol Traffic Drop.

See the drop of my traffic from Google!

Do you see that? Do you see my traffic that looks like a mountain turn into a flat plain in just one day?

For June, Google Traffic is 14% while Yahoo Traffic is 55%. While in May, Google Traffic was 31.20% while Yahoo Traffic was 39.80%. It has really been a big shift in the balance of traffic between these two search engines.

Possible Reasons I’ve thought of since the drop

At first, I thought that it was because I was not blogging and writing as much that is why my traffic dropped. So I said to myself, ok, this is just a reminder from Googel that I should write some more so I started writing again but my traffic is still not back to where it used to be. Although I’ve seen some improvements but it is still not enough. I want to be back to where my traffic used to be.

Another reason I’ve thought of is that I got penalized by big momma Googol for having peyd posts. Well, guilty as charged but it has been a while since my last peyd post. (I’m guilty of writing a few of them earlier today as I missed writing them). But it is not the first time for me to do stuffs like this and I’ve already been punished by receiving an EGG ( 0 ) for my page rank. Isn’t that enough already? Does Gogle have to make your blogging life miserable just for that ? I don’t think so.

It’s happening to everybody!

So I did more research about it using Googel Search and found out that I was not alone. Many people have been hit by this weird Google algo tweak that some even lost 90% of their traffic (count me in there). I wonder what is happening.

How about you ? Have you noticed a massive drop in your search engine traffic from Google? Please share your experiences whether you have or did not have. Thank you. 🙂

Btw, you might find a lot of typos for the word Google, I did it on purpose. ^_^

14 thoughts on “Googel and the sudden drop of traffic

  1. My MFA blog also experienced a significant drop. I just thought I was sandboxed by Google, so I tried to play it cool by optimizing new keywords, but no change after a week.

    However, I checked my stats recently and it seems to be going up VERY slowly with my old and new keywords. I guess we just have to wait this one out, or maybe try optimizing a new set of keywords.

    Just my two cents. I hope some of the Pinoy SEO experts can share their thoughts too.

  2. i told you before in YM that I really have no idea why google did this to you… it seems like there is really something wrong… you can always review your blog posts to check where the problem could possibly started… but I think it something to do with your paid posts and online C’s… im not an expert myself, sorry I cannot help you more… T_T

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  3. I believed Google is doing something un usual .. Well some of my keywords is now not shown is some data center specially in Philippines. But I am lucky enough since other data center has still some of my keyword.. And the good thing is yahoo is catching up those keywords.

    Well it started when my page rank drop

    Well just suggestion try to optimized other keyword and put some links to those keywords that are not showing in the SERP

    This might help and I am doing this one now

    Dexter | Techathand.nets last blog post..$65.2 billion In Internet Advertising for 2008

  4. @Fitz – I’m still hesitant on adding new keywords because Google is not indexing me. My only hope now is Digg and Yahoo search but it isn’t enough. I really need to file a google recinclusion request.

  5. @Yatot – I must admit, it has something BIG to do with my paid posts.. so what I’m planning now is to add the no-follow tag to all my paid posts and then request reconsideration. 🙂

  6. @Dexter – Good for you. I have actually lost most of my Google SERPs results except maybe for my own name and blog. This is really bad for my blog and it feels like it is dieng. 🙁

  7. I feel your pain Allen.. 😀 nangyari sa isang blog ko yan, up to now konti pa rin traffic nya… pero post lang ng post.. 😉

    suspect ko na nangyari sa blog ko is the Google Sandbox.. but I’m not 100% sure.. could be the same thing..

  8. @Elizar Palad – Does the Google Sandbox really exist? Because it seems that there has been another change in Google Algo last month and it affected a lot of blogs too. I still hope to climb back to my old rankings.. It makes me lose my motivation seeing my blog ignored like this. hehe

  9. 90% of my traffic source was from Google and now it’s completely gone 😛 Even if I search for my complete name wala na 😀 Pero it’s ok, I have tons of p*** post… That’s why 🙂

    I implemented my plan B to “STILL” get traffic from Google even if it’s penalized 🙂 and.. it works 🙂

    Btw, our PRCBER blog was also penalized for 3 months, but after filing a reinclusion request, was now back on the SERPs! yay!

    Jehzeel Laurentes last blog post..I Wasn’t Able To Get Online Because Of This!

  10. What is odd is that my page rank went from 4 to 0 when this Algo ran. For a few days, I was gone from the top 1000 in three keywords I have been working on.

    When I looked three days ago, I am not only back, but flying up the charts again. Still have the bad PR, but at least I can get back to the top of the searches.

    Karl Goldfield – Sales Trainings last blog post..Book review: Zero To One Million – Ryan P. Allis delivers a road map to success

  11. Very interesting. It would be very nice if you could test this. I know you probably dont wann risk too much. But it would be funny to see what happens if you reactivate these comments from time to time… Thanks for sharing

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