Google Page Rank Update: Silkenhut is now PR 3

When I went to visit my blog a few days earlier, I discovered that I have gained pagerank. I started at PR 0 and now I am PR 3. Hooray for me!!! Everyone should check their google page rank to know if they have been promoted or demoted.

The effect on the blog

As of now, I don’t see any new effects on having a page rank of three. That is because I don’t have any advertising that takes into account a blog’s page rank in determining the advertisement prices. But for those bloggers who uses Text Link Ads, it is a big factor in their text link ads prices. 😀

Page rank controversy

There seems to a controversy with the Google page rank algorithm. Several big time bloggers have seen their page rank decrease whether they were selling text ads or not. For a list of affected bloggers, check out this link. We do not know what’s happening and this looks like something only Google would know. ^_^

Page Rank Checker

If you wish to check out your google page rank, have a look at these checkers. Basically, they just do the same thing (hehe).

4 thoughts on “Google Page Rank Update: Silkenhut is now PR 3

  1. congrats to you allen. i was also surprised by the sudden increase in pagerank. i was not even ranked 0, it was n/a! then one day i saw it ranked 3! hope it lasts.

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