GrabAGold Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Grab A Gold Cheats, Tips and Tricks


Before you read this, I suggest that you read first my previous GrabaGold post where it tells you more information about Grabagold and how it works. This post is mainly for the tips and tricks when playing Grabagold so that you can earn lots of gold (called gold farming) fast and efficiently.

I myself have read and studied some forums / other blog posts and facebook fan pages (full of referral links) and learned what the fastest way to earn gold in the shortest amount of time.

Btw, the maximum gold you can earn per 24hours (yes, not in 1 day but in a period of 24 hours), is around 4600 gold. After you earned that amount of gold, you will only earn 1 gold per game (I guess to previous abuse). So without further delay, here are the tips and tricks for Grabagold (and also Grab a gold cheats).

Best Game to Earn Gold in GrabaGold

The best game has to be Antidote: Pandemia in Game Pack B. All you have to do is to play in surival mode and do nothing. After 40 seconds, you will earn 18 gold. Also, you can open it in many tabs so you can multiply your earnings much more easily. I can earn the maximum amount of gold in just 30-40 minutes, depending on my internet connection and the number of tabs I have opened.

I have tried to open around 20-30 tabs without any problems (just some minor lags). I use Google Chrome and I put it in fullscreen, num lock off, then I just click like a robot in this sequence. Click play, alt + 3 (for next tab).

Not sure how long this will continue to work or if Globe is aware of this Grabagold Farming Trick.

Refer more friends for more gold and GCash

Not only can you earn more gold here but you will also earn G-Cash.

Now that I have shared with you the strategy to earn lots of gold, it’s time to join and play!

Please click here to join GrabAGold.

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3 thoughts on “GrabAGold Cheats, Tips and Tricks

  1. NOTE: ano ba yan totoo ba yan na clue paano magiging pack b ang antidote:Pandemia eh pack f yan ha magpopost naman kayo halata ko pa hehe ano bayan? TOTOO BA TALAGA YANG CLUE?

  2. bakit ba pagkatapos mo sa limit ng gold sa Antidote:Pandemia bakit kung lalaro ako sa survival mode, 2 golds nalang nakukuha ko instead of 36


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