My GrabTaxi Experience

My GrabTaxi Experience

My GrabTaxi Experience

My GrabTaxi Experience

I have been hearing about GrabTaxi especially since my friend joined (and won) their promo last year. The promo was to take a picture with your driver and the most likes in FB will win the prize (forgot the prize).

So one day, I decided to try it out since I usually ride a taxi to go home after work. Here’s a recap of my experience.

  1. If you don’t have an account yet, you need to register for an account.
  2. On the app, you will input your current location (or it will detect automatically your current location) and your destination. You can also opt to give a tip to your driver.
  3. On the same screen, you will already see how many GrabTaxi enabled taxis are near your location and an estimated fare.
  4. GrabTaxi - Finding a Taxi
    Upon clicking book, I was given a few seconds to cancel else they would start looking for a taxi.
  5. Once a taxi has responded, you will be shown the plate number, cellphone number and the driver’s face. You will also see his location against yours so you will know how far he is from you. In case, he has trouble finding you, you can call him.
  6. GrabTaxi - On Route
    Your trip will now start and you can see your location/taxi’s location on the map.
  7. Inside the taxi, I saw that they also have a smart phone that serves as their map and their way of finding customers via GrabTaxi. A few minutes later, I arrived home, paid for my trip and clicked end trip on Grabtaxi.

So how much does GrabTaxi Cost?

The app itself is free but if you avail of the service, you will need to pay*

  • PHP 50 more if you are a Globe subscriber
  • PHP 70 for other networks

*this additional payment doesn’t show up in the Taxi’s receipt so too bad for reimbursements. 

I’m happy with my experience and I can really feel the convenience it brought me. This would be a great app to use especially when it is raining due to the scarcity of taxis. But on regular days, no need to use for me.

Till next time,


PS: in a way, this is a workaround to my rant on taxi refusing to convey passengers. Since it is very troublesome to find justice via reporting them to LTFRB, you can just pay extra to ensure you don’t get rejected by taxis.

Reporting to MMDA/LTFRB only works perhaps if you have the perseverance to keep on showing up on hearings or if you are a government official.



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