Greenrides Car Wash Before After

GreenRides Waterless Car Wash

GreenRides Waterless Car Wash

Greenrides Car Wash Before After

I always thought that the car wash in mall parking lots were “waterless car wash” but as I have observed them, they still use water but to limited amounts. They are limited to exterior cleaning only yet they cost more than outside of malls (even in car spas). One day, while lurking at the Pinoy Bloggers FB Group, I saw an opportunity to try out the real waterless car wash. I immediately signed up for it and was happy to have been one of those who have been picked.

The company is called GreenRides and they offer waterless car wash and wax services. You can choose between three different levels of cleaning (standard, special and executive).

  • Standard would be the normal exterior car cleaning that includes the glasses and tires
  • Special would add cleaning of the interiors of the car
  • Executive would be similar to having your car “detailed

The product Greenride’s using comes from Australia, NoWet Waterless Car Clean. From my observations, they would spray the product onto the surface then wipe it with a micro-fiber cloth. The dust and dirt would cling to the cloth and another microfiber cloth will be used to buff the car giving it shine. No water is used because the product, NoWet serves as the cleaner and also the car wax and all they need to do is to apply it to the car.

I watched how they did it and it was amazing. The solution looks like water but it was effectively removing the dirt from my car. The dirt on my car was a build up from going through several rain showers without a car wash so it was a bit heavy yet it only took two to three soft wipes to remove them. After they finished, my car was shiny similar to how it would look if you applied wax to it.

Greenride’s service cost 4x more than the regular car washes but they offer 3 follow-up applications within the month so if you can maximize it, it would be a good deal. It is not yet that well-known to everyone but they have already been featured in TV shows. The first application might not look worth it (similar to wash and wax promos by car spas) but the owners have said that continued use would improve the car’s appearance by removing swirl marks, reducing scratches and other imperfections to the paint (this I still have to verify).

See the pictures here:

I would like to thank GreenRides for the opportunity to try out their services.

To Update:

Unfortunately, when I got out of shopwise, it was raining.

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GreenRides can be found at the parking lots of the following supermarkets.

Shopwise Libis
E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue Brgy. Bagumbayan Q.C.
Business Hours: Mon-Sunday 10-8pm

Shopwise Commonwealth
Block 17, Commonwealth Avenue, Brgy Holy Spirit Q.C.
Business Hours: Mon-Sunday 10-8pm

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  1. I like how you shared the details of the process. Initially, I was in a pensive mood while trying to digest what you were sharing even though half of my brain is aching to reach the land of dreams and restful slumber. But when I read your update… LOL! That was really funny. It somehow jolted me back to a more wakeful state. 😉

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