Guide to Ragnarok Bot Installation / Configuration

Update: New version of the guide can be found here (this guide is now obsolete)

The most common questions people ask after downloading their Ragnarok bot are these:

  • How do you install Valkyrie bot or OpenKore?
  • Can you send me config for ragnarok bot?
  • Why is my bot not connecting?

…and many more questions similar to that. Now the purpose of this guide is provide you a step by step instructions in installing and configuring OpenKore also called Ragnarok bot. I guarantee that your questions similar to those mentioned above will be answered.Step 1: Download the necessary files

Here’s a list of what we need.

  1. Download the Ragnarok Game
  2. Download OpenKore and the Field packs by clicking here
  3. Download these additional files (old rag.exe, data files and runro.bat) by clicking here. (I personally uploaded these from my own installation so there are no trojans, keyloggers or viruses)

Step 2 : Install Ragnarok and the Ragnarok bot

After downloading everything, we need to install our bot (I’m assuming you already know how to install ragnarok)

First thing we should do is to extract the OpenKore program that we have downloaded somewhere in our computer. Then we extract the field packs inside the openkore folder. It should look something like this.

Field Pack Installation

The next thing we need to do is to add the additional files Ragnarok needs for botting into the Ragnarok Game Folder. Just extract the zip file I’ve uploaded in step one. It should look like this. Observe the red rectangles.

Ragnarok Additional Files

Step 3 : Set up the correct recvpackets.txt

This is a vital step to avoid the Unknown packet – 02AE error. The file recvpackets.txt can be found inside the tables folder inside the Openkore folder. For example, (“C:\openkore-\tables\”).

  1. Rename recvpackets.txt to recvpackets.old.
  2. Rename recvpacktets-pro.txt to recvpackets.txt (Very important step!!! if you rename the wrong file, then you will still get an error)

Ragnarok Receive packets

Step 4 : Edit the servers.txt file

This is needed to avoid the Timeout of Map Server problem. You need to edit the servers.txt file which can be found inside the tables folder. (Remember step 3?)

For Valkyrie Server, find the phrase [Philippines – pRO: Valkyrie] and replace the whole block with this.

[Philippines – pRO: Valkyrie]
port 6900
master_version 15
version 1
secureLogin 1
secureLogin_type 0
secureLogin_account 0
serverType 0
patchpath /patch50
storageEncryptKey 0x050B6F79, 0x0202C179, 0x0E20120, 0x04FA43E3, 0x0179B6C8, 0x05973DF2, 0x07D8D6B, 0x08CB9ED9
serverEncoding Tagalog
charBlockSize 108
gameGuard 1
encrypt_packet_prefix 1

For Valhalla server, add this in your servers.txt file

[Philippines – pRO: Valhalla]
port 6900
master_version 18
version 1
secureLogin 1
secureLogin_type 0
secureLogin_account 0
serverType 0
patchpath /patch50
storageEncryptKey 0x050B6F79, 0x0202C179, 0x0E20120, 0x04FA43E3, 0x0179B6C8, 0x05973DF2, 0x07D8D6B, 0x08CB9ED9
serverEncoding Tagalog
charBlockSize 108
gameGuard 1
encrypt_packet_prefix 1

Step 5 : Run start-poseidon.exe from the OpenKore Folder

Poseidon Ragnarok Server

Step 6 : Run runro.bat from the Ragnarok Folder

This will open a Ragnarok screen however the server that you will see is Poseidon. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. Connect to that and enter some random username and password.

Poseidon Server Ragnarok

In the character select screen, just pick the level 99 novice.

Novice Level 99

If you see this screen, congratulations! You are just one step away from your Ragnarok bot.

Ragnarok Game

Step 7 : Run start.exe from the OpenKore Folder

For first time users,

  • You will be asked to choose which server you would like to bot. Find the number for Valkyrie/Valhalla and enter the number.
  • You will then have to supply your username and password.
  • You will then choose which character would you like to play or if you want to create a new character (I do not recommend making a new character through the bot).

Congratulations! You have now configured your bot! It will auto attack monsters when it sees one and loot their items.

Additional Tips:

  • I suggest you manually create a character first, finish the novice training grounds part and the first job change before you start botting.
  • Avoid bringing your bot to these Valkyrie PK Maps. Bots don’t fight back at players.
  • Here’s a useful solution sheet to those pesky unknown errors Open Kore might throw at you.

Watch out for my advanced guides soon that will include these configs:

  • Autobuy
  • Autosell
  • Autostorage
  • Use skill
  • Use item
  • Use Kafra Warp
  • Buy from vendors (NPC’s and humans players)
  • Item management (which item should I store, buy or sell?)
  • Monster management (which monster should I attack or avoid?)
  • Useful console commands for the bot
  • and many more ๐Ÿ™‚


I would like to thank PicMarkr for adding watermarks to my images for free.
I would like to thank Mediafire for letting me host my files for free.
I would like to thank OpenKore for a very superior Ragnarok bot program.

Questions? Clarifications? Help?


232 thoughts on “Guide to Ragnarok Bot Installation / Configuration

  1. Looks like you haven’t sleep all day Allen just to post these very comprehensive tutorial! Very well done dude!


    Allen Reply: Haha Thanks! Actually Iโ€™m trying to hit two birds with one stone, ride in with the ragnarok bot craze to increase traffic and post something useful. ^_^

  2. I don’t play Ragna but this tutorial of yours will help my two Ragna addict siblings into this. I’ll definitely refer this post to them.

    Allen Reply: Sure no problem! If they have questions, just let me know. Iโ€™ll be happy to answer them.

  3. finally botting made simple…

    many thanks for this wonderful guide kind sir, really helped a lot…

    looking forward to your wonderful advance guides soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. sir allen, what will be the next step?? after closing the poseidon?? still ain’t working.. and really takes long time waiting to logon on account server,,

    Allen reply: Hi! You should not close poseidon. There should be three programs running. 1. Poseidon, 2. runro and 3. your bot program.

    Taking a long time to logon is a problem everyone experiences, donโ€™t worry about that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. sir, its says time out map server? what shall i do with this?
    i followed all of it.

    im in pay_fild01.
    i tried also in pay_fild03
    and iz_dun00

    and it says like ” Time out map server”
    Please help me..

    Allen reply:Hi there, time out on map server means there’s something wrong with your tables/servers.txt file. Please copy the correct settings above for servers.txt. Also make sure you have the “fields” folder. Thank you.

  6. sir, does this work bcoz i use wpe pro and using ghost deal i
    always get dc when i send packet???..does
    poseidon makez me not disconnected from server when sending packets.. will be really appreciated..

    Allen Reply:Ghost deal huh.. bad bad.. I don’t want to help scammers. Sorry.

  7. Sir Allen, I’m experiencing the same problem with noobie up there. I already copied the edited version of the Valkyrie block in my servers.txt, but still, the bot disconnects every 5 minutes or so. What should be done with this sir?

    Btw, I’m botting at Culvert Dungeon.

    Allen Reply: Have you ran poseidon and runro first before running the bot?

    1. Yes, I’ve followed every step of the guide from start to finish. Anyway, I’ve recopied the block of the Valkyrie server that is edited and I have been botting smoothly now. It’s just that, after I’ve quit the program to give the computer some rest and I’ve re-run OpenKore (after running Poseidon and RunRO), I get the “Timeout on map server.” It’s like, I can bot smoothly once but after giving the PC some rest it’s back to the error messages again.

      Haha, I hope didnt confuse you or anything. Thanks in advance for the incoming reply.

      Allen reply: The only reason I can think about this is due to the servers.txt info or the field packs not correctly installed. Hmm I’m not really sure.

  8. Sir
    can i open 2 bots at 1 poseidon program?
    for ex.
    1 bot in Valhalla
    1 bot running in Valkyrie simulatenously.

    Allen Reply: Yes. Make two copies of your Openkore program and set one up for valkyrie and another one for valhalla. So in total, you have poseidon, runro, openkore[1] and openkore[2].

  9. sir allen, i have my field pack and already extracted inside the openkore folder.
    sir allen, i found out that, you’re start.exe, up there in your example, is 5kb+, and mine is only 3kb+..
    is there a problem with my bot program??

    can you please send me plsss…
    here’s my email add,
    thank you in advance! plss help me, im a noob..

    BTw, im trying to bot in valhalla server..
    thanks a lot!

  10. SIR ALLEN, NVM my 2nd reply. My bot is now working! thanks a lot SIR ALLEN!
    this really help a lot in a noob like me, thanks thanks thanks!

    BTW,i’ve read all your guides, and i missed the
    recvpackets[.](<-to put this.)old.

    and the start.exe, i re-downloaded yours..
    thanks a lot!

  11. sir i always get the comment ‘ couldn’t connect:unknown error 10060’

    and you have a config 4 a wizard on geographer?..i tried reading the guides on but i didn’t understand them..

    Allen Reply: Please read this Open Kore Unknown errors

  12. Hi everyone. I’m sorry but I don’t make personalized configs for your openkore bot programs. All I can do is to give you guides and tips for you to learn how to make one for yourself.

    I also learned how to do bot by reading the openkore manual so if I can do it by reading, you should too. Most of the time, all you have to do is to experiment. ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. sir i got another question…in the manual..the instruction stated that maps (lockmaps and allowed_maps) must be in this form .. ein_fild07.fld

    in the default config, the map is in the form ein_fild07…no .FLD..but neither of them works..i always got the error ‘ invalid map – ein_fild07’…any tip?..

    Allen reply: Hello, have you downloaded the fields file and placed it inside your openkore folder?

    1. yes..i’ve already put the field folder inside the openkore…i can connect using openkore but my chracter just stand in his place..i think its because of the map problems since i’m using the lockmap command..

      Allen reply: What’s the value of your lockmap?

      1. lockMap ein_fild07

        that’s my value..thx sir..

        Allen reply: You need to add data for Lighthalzen and similar places since it is not included in the default openkore installation. I’ve written it somewhere in the ragnarok openkore error explanations.

  14. hi mr. allen i cannot understand to how can i use this poseidon would u plz see it to me the set up of this poseidon thx or picture guide to how can i put.. thx and i almost follow this and i crea8 folder in Ragnarok data and its not work plz help me thx

    Allen reply: Hi Ryan, just follow this guide and I’m sure it will work. I’ve already included instructions for poseidon here. Thanks.

  15. STEP 3 is a little bit confusing… How do i rename them exactly?

    Allen reply: The original recvpackets.txt will be now, recvpackets.old.

    then recvpackets-pro.txt will become recvpackets.txt…
    What was confusing about that?

  16. please help me i can config my bot i want my bot use potion on the right time and the lock map my charater did not back to his map when he die and also i want to known how to use storage in bot thank you….. please send to my email add

  17. sorry for the noob question but i got stuck after step 7, because when i run start.exe i get this UNABLE TO LOAD FILE, whats the next step, thank you for your help

  18. mine is working now.

    @ reno, make sure that you change the original recvpackets.txt to recvpackets.old and recvpackets-pro.txt to recvpackets.txtโ€ฆ

    you should have

    recvpackets.old (originally, recvpackets)
    recvpackets (originally, recvpackets-pro)

    mr allen, you are such a genius… thanks alot

    Allen reply: Thanks for the reply and for providing help for reno. Happy botting

  19. im having problems w/ step6 when i run runro.bat it closes after a few seconds

    Allen Reply: I’ve not experienced this before. Could you do a redownload and try again from the start? thanks.

  20. Tnx alot for the step by step bot tutorial.. it helps alot… hope you inform us or post any updates… rock on..

  21. sir i was wondering if i can open the client itself to play the same time i’m running the bot?

  22. this guide helps a lot! but, when i open start.exe, there’s somwthing that says: “unable to load file”, what will i do? Thanx!!

  23. sir…may bagu n po b kayung guide i mean this thing thx…
    “Watch out for my advanced guides soon that will include these configs:

    Use skill
    Use item
    Use Kafra Warp
    Buy from vendors (NPCโ€™s and humans players)
    Item management (which item should I store, buy or sell?)
    Monster management (which monster should I attack or avoid?)
    Useful console commands for the bot
    and many more “

  24. Hi Ronald, dko pa natatapos ung mga ibang guides ko kasi madami akong inaasikaso pero wag kang mag alala, mapopost ko din yan.

    Salamat. ^_^

  25. @Ryan – yes that is possible. Just turn off the runro program when your bot has started. Although it might give your bot frequent disconnections.

  26. bat po unable to load files] ano po solusyon dun. help nmn po
    at pano ko po n ilalagay ang tamang server sa valhalla

  27. waa! aus lng po. uhmm, pwede ko n lng po b gayahin ung sa’yo? hnd po kc aq mrunong. iiedit koh n lng po or kung gs2 mu po send ko po yung akin tpos pki edit n lng po. hnd ko po kc lam kung panu po ccmulan.

  28. Anyone please help!
    when i ran the START program it said

    “couldn’t connect: Unknown error ”

    how do i fix this?? Pano po ayusin? gusto ko na po ksi mag-bot ASAP sa valkyrie… thanks

  29. Kasi po ung runro.bat. dati, originally ganito sya
    (start Ragexe.ep10.exe 1rag1 /account:poseidon.xml)
    pag labas ng gameguard o ung babaeng icon, d ba pagkatapos un, mawawala sya tapos magoopen ung client d ba? e ung sa akin d lumalabas ung client. tapos na try ko i-edit ganito ang labas nya
    (start Ragexe.exe 1rag1 /account:poseidon.xml)
    pagkatapos nun, gumana na kaso walang lvl 99 novice sa 9 slots. ano po ang gagawin ko? hope to hear from you asap.

  30. tagalog po pala kayo!!
    uhm panu po b ang gagawin dun sa “unable to load file” na lumalabas sa start.exe
    lhat po tama po except dun sa last step, di b sabi dun, dapat isusulat ung account mu, pero ang lumamalabas sa last step, “unable to load file”, anu po gagawin ku dun?
    Thank you po!!!!

  31. bakit ung sakin pag ni run ko un runRO, theres no game guard ang lumalabas? meron naman? anu po gagawin ko?

  32. Thanks for that brilliant tutorial, it helped me a lot. But is there any way to play manually while botting. I used to do it but because of the poseidon, now I can’t run the real client.

  33. Hi Nil, nadownload mo ba ung mga files na dapat idownload mo? kasi parang hindi e.. pag nadownload xa mo, dmo na kailangan i edit ung runro…

  34. For everyone,

    I’m getting tired of answering the same questions over and over again. I made this guide hoping that you would not ask such questions but I guess I failed. I just rechecked the guide, configured a bot from scratch by following the steps and I was already botting in ten minutes.

    I also noticed that some of the questions being asked are due to not following the guide properly. If you don’t follow the guide or do something else, of course it won’t work.

    So please, if it doesn’t work, try to do it from scratch.

    Thank you.


    PS: Questions already answered will not be entertained anymore. It’s just wasting my time. (There’s a search box at the top right part of the blog and it’s there for a reason.)

  35. hey allen.. tnx for your tutorial..
    i got it succesfully installed..
    but the thing is…
    can u tell me how to log in another accnt???
    i BOT my main accnt and it works…
    now im plannin to BOt my 2nd accnt, but the thing is i dont know how to log it in..
    Dba as a first time user, i was asked for my username password and server…
    pano yun gus2 ko ibot yung isa kong accnt..
    can u help me??

  36. sir allen bakit pag inoopen ko yung runro ayaw gumana??

    hindi raw makita yung rag exe…pa help naman po ^_^ thankz

  37. Hello Axerider, I’m glad that it worked for you ๐Ÿ˜€

    btw, in order to login in another account, what I do is copy the whole openkore folder and edit the config.txt file. You may delete the username/password combination so that it will ask you again or write directly your username/password combination for your 2nd account.

    Btw, can you give a little explanation on how you managed to make your bot work.. and give tips to everyone here who is having troubles following the guide. thanks.


  38. Ei allen… teka di ko na gets ung reply mo?? can i ask for your number? ittxt nlng kita.. d ko tlg ma gets…. wala nmn akong makita na config.txt

  39. dun po sa iba.. sa paginstall ng BOt.. ako i skip the “FIELD”part.. wala ako mkita na fields n file ehh.. pero it worked nmn po…
    Be carefull with editing the recvdfile.txt nagkamli ako isang beses nagkandaloko loko na.. hehe

  40. ayy.. geez.. disregard nyo yung about sa field part… may appologies.. di pla gumagana pag walang field…. naka sit lng cxa…. allen.. inulit ko yung pag install.. can u help me ulit.. WAHAHA.. teka wala nmn akong mkita na FIELD sa inextract ko….. ngaun ko lng na realize…. nka SIT lng pla character ko… Bkit ganun? help me out with this one allen… TNX..

  41. Allen… ganun b tlg yun??? d ko makikita kung naatake ako??? kxe ang nkikita ko lng
    “you are sitting”
    oh kaya
    “you are standing” tapos yung mga iba..

    Pero i can see na nag loloot cxa ng items….
    kxe nakasulat na
    Item added to inventory wolf claw 1″ yan po example

    Does it mean na naatake p rin ako????

  42. Dun sa mga nanghihingi ng configuration.. guys open nyo yung folder ng OPENKORE.. may mkikita kayong PAGE LINK dun… yung ?OPENKORE-HELP and SUPPORT.. click nyo yun.. jan mkikita nyo yung mga configuration …
    *wala nga lng silang config for Taekwando and Gunslingers job.. kainiz…

    ALLEN… Bkit ganun NAKA sit or Naka STAND lng cxa? pero nag loloot cxa ng items.. Hindi nga lng naatake…. bkit ganun????

  43. tanong ko lng po kung kailangan ba talaga installed and pro sa hard disk para ma-work ung poseidon ko? kasi po copy paste lng po ung pro ko e.

  44. sir allen parehas po ung problema namin ni nil. ayaw din lumbas ung game client. ang gameguard lng po ang lumalabas. sana po matulungan nyo ko.

  45. can you give me a config that auto “double strafe” and auto “improve concentration (when not in use)”….and go few cells away if attacked by a geographer?….pls….send me a confic in my email account…


  46. Hi Nil,

    hindi naman ata kailangan na nka install kasi ung sa akin , copy paste lang din… tsaka ung download ng valkyrie mismo ay files lg, hindi xa installer…

    Ung sa problema mo, sure na nagawa mo ung instructions dba? Bale,
    *una ung posiedon..
    *tpos ung runro (may lalabas na gameguard blah blah)
    *tapos mawawala at lalabas ung ragnarok na client..
    *log in ka kahit ano ilagay mo sa username password
    *ung server poseidon… zero players yan (check mo nga dito)
    *makikita mo ung novice sa player list

  47. hehehe.. once AGAIN.. It worked at my pc po.. guys follow nyo lng yung instruction ni allen.. gagana yan.. sa akin gumana po cxa.. trust me…
    drop me a line kung gus2 nyo ng help..

  48. do i really nid to run the runro before i can run the start.exe or it’s ok i i just run the poseidon.exe

  49. dear Allen.. good day to u! i’m on the step 7 and it says unable to load the file….. what would i do? thanks n advnce!

  50. thnk you for the bot program
    i have followed the necesary steps clearly, now my bot program is working..but there’s a problem, my bot program disconnects from the map server every few seconds..plss send me guidlines on how i can fix it…(im using the valkyrie server)

    thnx again..^^

  51. @plox

    if ur talkin about the servers.txt file for valkyrie server or for any server, it is located in ur openkore folder then tables then the servers.txt file..
    the file (serverx.txt) is opened using notepad, search for the valkyrie server in the whole note and replaced it with the configurations given by our BOSSING ALLAN..^^
    hope dis helps….

  52. now i see the difference of using runro and not..
    if i dont use runro, i am able to play my main account but while my bot program disconnects after few seconds and reconects after 30secs..

    now if i use runro with the 99novice…my bot program continues to play without disconnection…/whew /sweat /gg
    BUT..i cant play my main account because of the gameguard../omg

  53. it always says failed to connect whenever i start the program start.exe, then also when i the random username and password on the poseidon server… how can i fix this? huh?

  54. stil doesn’t work for me… i followed the instructions carefully then all i get is unable to load file or sometyms i get the unknown error 02ae can u send me the tables folder with the names of the files already replaced? i rily nid it

  55. Hi excellion,

    Seeing that you got the error “unknown error 02ae” means that you did not follow the instructions carefully. You did not do the recvpackets.txt part. ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Hi leesingen – you have to run poseidon first, then runro then start.exe. This is to prevent the bot from disconnecting a lot.

  57. Hi Axe rider – mabuti naman at gumana na ung bot sau. Ung pag atake ng bot, nasa config lang yan.. dko pa natatapos ung advanced config guide ko. hehe ๐Ÿ˜€

  58. Sir Allen!!!

    Kaya pa ba? Haha, mukhang maraming nagkaka-problema sa pag-intindi nung guide mo sa pagbo-bot ah. After almost a month of successful botting, tatambay muna ako dito to help our fellow botters in need. Haha, para bang pag-tanaw ng utang na loob sa inyo Sir Allen. Nwei, yung mga problems ninyo na hindi agad masagot ni Sir Allen, ta-try ko sagutin, kidowks??

    @boybawang – Hindi mo na mae-experience ang ganyang problema ngayon, because after testing the server for 6k++ characters logging in sa Valkyrie, mukhang na-solve na ng GMs yung logging-in issue ng Valkyrie Server (kung dun ka nga nagbo-bot). So good news for us!

    @zerosoul23 – for your problem, I can only think of this reason: You didnt download the number 3 in Sir Allen’s must download files in order to bot. Nasabi ko yun kasi ang pangalan ng file mo ay start.exe at hindi runro.bat. Yung kay Sir Allen ay runro.bat ang pangalan. Try downloading it and following the guide from there. Tsaka pahabol lang, are you connected to the Internet when you’re running the Poseidon Server? Because although it’s a “fake” server, it still needs Internet Connection to log-in.

    Update nyo na lang guys kung ano na nangyari sa pagbo-bot nyo. Kung may problems pa rin, I’ll try to hit you back kasi hindi makapag-reply agad si Sir Allen dahil busy rin naman siya. Good luck guys!

  59. @Jedd – Hello Jedd!

    Salamat po sa pagtulong.. sa totoo lang, nawawalan na ako ng gana mag reply sa mga tanong dito kasi paulit ulit lang kasi… tsaka ung mga problema nila, ung dahilan dun ay kasi hindi nila sinunod ng maayos ung guide.

    ung ragnarok ko, copy paste ko lang naman.. tapos nka outline naman lahat ng kailangan gawin pero ung ibang steps kasi hindi nila sinusunod. Tsaka minsan kasi, may ibang files na sila na andun at na coconfuse nila sa guide na eto kaya hindi gumagana…

    pero salamat sobra sa pagtulong mo. ^_^

    Happy Botting.

  60. Haha! No problem Sir Allen. Almost regular na rin naman kasi ako dito sa site nyo, eh di makatulong na rin lang habang nandito. Actually, wala naman kasing mangyayaring problema kung susundin lang ng maigi yung steps eh. Minsan nagtataka na rin ako kung bakit hindi pa rin nila napapagana yung bot nila, eh IMO a first grader could configure this bot just by following your guide. Ayun, pano pa kaya sila pagdating sa pag-aayos ng config. Haha!

    Nwei, kaya naman tayo nandito eh, para makatulong. Basta, kung may mga tanong pa sila, sasaluhin ko nalang muna kung hindi mo ma-entertain.

  61. sir, nasunod ko na po yung mga nakapost sa guide, now my problem is kung pano mag config, parang ang komplikadong gawin andaming itatype, ask ko lang po kung may format yung paggawa ng config or kung ok lang, papost nalang ng config for merchant, pero mas ok kung maturuan nio po ako gumawa ng config… thx po…

  62. @Jinn – Ok nba ang bot mo? Try ko po na po ma post ung config guide ko this weekend. pasenxa na at hindi ako nkapag post masyado this week. nagkasakit e. hehe ^_^

  63. opo sir ok na ung bot, ung problema lang di gumagalaw merchie ko, nakaupo lang… geh po asahan ko po ung config, a million thx poh… ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. OpenKore version
    Network state = 5
    Network handler = Network::DirectConnection
    SVN revision: unknown
    No loaded plugins.

    Error message:
    Undefined subroutine &Scalar::Util::weaken called at src/Utils/ line 146.

    Stack trace:
    Undefined subroutine &Scalar::Util::weaken called at src/Utils/ line 146.
    at src/Utils/ line 146
    CallbackList::add(‘CallbackList=ARRAY(0x2daf1d0)’, ‘InventoryList=HASH(0x2dc9a14)’, ‘CODE(0x192e858)’) called at src/ line 110
    InventoryList::add(‘InventoryList=HASH(0x2dc9a14)’, ‘Actor::Item=HASH(0x2d9dd1c)’) called at src/Network/ line 3356
    Network::Receive::inventory_items_stackable(‘Network::Receive::ServerType0=HASH(0x1702668)’, ‘HASH(0x2d3ea04)’) called at src/Network/ line 412
    Network::Receive::parse(‘Network::Receive::ServerType0=HASH(0x1702668)’, ‘\x{ee}\x{1}l\x{1}\x{3}\x{0}\x{b2}/\x{2}\x{1}\x{5}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{a}\x{0}\x{bd}8\x{2}\x{1}\x{4}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{d}\x{0}\x{f5}\x{1}\x{0}\x{1}\x{d}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{e}\x{0}\x{10}…’) called at src/ line 1189
    main::parseIncomingMessage(‘\x{ee}\x{1}l\x{1}\x{3}\x{0}\x{b2}/\x{2}\x{1}\x{5}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{a}\x{0}\x{bd}8\x{2}\x{1}\x{4}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{d}\x{0}\x{f5}\x{1}\x{0}\x{1}\x{d}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{0}\x{e}\x{0}\x{10}…’) called at src/ line 545
    main::mainLoop_initialized() called at src/ line 70
    main::mainLoop() called at src/ line 75
    Interface::mainLoop(‘Interface::Console::Win32=HASH(0x2470830)’) called at line 96
    main::__start() called at line 125

    Died at this line:
    $item[OBJECT] = $object;
    * Scalar::Util::weaken($item[OBJECT]);

    help!! this error always appear after i get connected

  65. @jeromee – Uhm, please be more specific with this error. How did this happen? What did you change with the OpenKore folder? Did this error occur AFTER you have successfully connected your character or BEFORE it? Please elaborate a bit more on what you did and stuff…

    @drew – I think the link is fine. I’ve checked it just a while ago and I was able to download the additional files Sir Allen mentioned. Please try again and if still an error occurs, kindly let us know.

  66. @jeromee – Hello! Sorry it took time for me to reply, because I’m having a hard time resolving your problem here. Maybe Sir Allen can help you more. I haven’t experienced this problem before. Hmm, let’s see. Are you using OpenKore or it’s SVN? I’m not really quite sure how to help you out, sorry. I’ll research on your problem a bit more before I can answer.

    @annoyme1134 – This usually happens if the Poseidon Server is not connected. To bot successfully without disconnections, you must first:

    1. Run “Start-Poseidon” in the OpenKore folder.
    2. Run “runro.bat” in the RagnarokOnline folder. (P.S. – You must follow every step in this guide for this to work, and you must have the necessary files needed, especially the number 3 in Sir Allen’s list up there.)
    3. After clicking “runro.bat” there should be a Ragnarok Client that will pop-up, login in the Poseidon Server (any username and password is accepted), and choose either the Novice or the Super Novice character, both of them works.
    4. Do not do anything with the character! Just minimize the Ragnarok Client and run “start.exe” in the OpenKore folder.

    There you have it. If you did all the steps correctly, your bot shouldn’t be disconnected. Hope that helps. ^_^

  67. figured out the prob… there was something wrong in the renaming part… thanks anyway ^^, good bot though

  68. Hi Jerome,

    I first encountered this error when I tried to edit the source code of OpenKore. What I did to resolve this was to download a fresh and unmodified copy from the Openkore website. Please try this and tell me the results.


  69. @annoyme1134 I’m glad that the problem has been sorted. What was the error anyway that the bot was saying when you were getting disconnected?

    error 10060? unknown packet 02ae? timeout?

  70. We will as soon as you tell us what are the problems you are encountering. A brief description of the errors and what you have done would do. ^_^

  71. @annoyme1134 – It can be found in the config.txt, you can comment out all lines that have teleportAuto.

    To comment a line, add a # before it. For example,
    #this is a commented line.

  72. i think i changed everything back to zero and the same thing happens… i donwloaded a bot config for a thief class character and the same thing happens, it just tries to teleport and in valkyrie the fly wing and bwing has been disabled including tele clip….

  73. thanks for your help, the bot is already working ^^ thanks a bunch, this is my 1st time using a bot ^^

  74. its me again.. sory for wasting your time but i need help again… how can i make my acolyte use heal on herself?? its a monk build by the way

  75. @annoyme1134 – If this were the OpenKore forums, I’d be saying “Read the Manual!” right about now. Haha! But it ain’t, and since it’s your first time to bot, I guess it’s all good.

    To make the character use the skill “Heal” on itself, you can either: a) use the useSelf_skill block and adjust it to the “Heal” skill. I won’t give the exact block I’m using for my FS Priest so as not to encourage spoonfeeding. I strongly suggest you read the Manual of OpenKore to be able to configure the bot by yourself. The next would be: b) activate the useSelf_skill_smartHeal block. In the default config of OpenKore it is already activated, so if by any chance you’ve deactivated it just look for that block and set it to 1.

    @diskenth – I think your problem is caused by the “#” before the all 1. Remove the “#” in the # all 1 and see if the bot picks up items. If not, maybe the itemsTakeAuto block in your config is set to 0. Change the variable to 1 to enable the bot to pick up items. Hope that helps. ^_^

  76. it said gathering jellopy but it failed even though i was the one who killed the monster, your response is greatly appreciated

  77. acolyte… battle aco… it seems i have to restart the computer for the changes in the config to take effect and i cant make my aco cast increase agi but it casts heal

  78. @diskenth – There must be something wrong in your config. If you want, I can have a look at your config to see what’s wrong. Just remove your username and password before you send it to me. And also, if Sir Allen and yourself would allow it.

    @supercreepz – Bots SHOULD auto-attack. That’s what they’re supposed to do. Again, something must be wrong with your config.

  79. @disketh – Hi, you can send in your configs to Jedd or to me. Just erase the username password details. From what I can guess, the problem where your bot uses heal over agility is based on your conditions.

    For example, if you set increase agi when hp < 30, then heal when hp < 40, it will give priority to heal. ^_^

  80. allen pnu b ggwin ko dun s bot ko lgi nlng nka upo at whistle ng whistle ayaw umatake..did i done something wrong?? reply nmn oh tnx

  81. allen pnu b ggwin ko s bot ko??lgi nlng nka sit tp0s whistle ng whistle…pnu ggwin ko??ndi xa umaatake…what would i do??

  82. Allen Edit – Config removed for privacy purposes.
    thats my config T_T it wont use agi or bless T_T

    your help is greatly appreciated ^^

  83. @disketh
    The problem lies in your conditions. You set the bot to heal you when your hp is EXACTLY 80%. In order to correct this, you should add a < so that it will heal you everytime your hp is below 80%. See corrections in bold. useSelf_skill Heal { lvl 3 maxCastTime 0 minCastTime 0 hp < 80%

  84. hey allen.. why cant my merchant get items from its cart?? i’ve set the configuration for the items_control.. for example, i wanted to get apples from my cart to my inventory, i put Apple 1 0 0 0 1
    its Name minimum auto-store auto-sell put in cart get from cart..
    it doesnt work

  85. hi allen,do i need to extract the field folder to open-kore??? when i run my kore it is still asking for field maps,this is the exact words—-

    Cannot load field prontera: No corresponding field file found for field ‘ prontera’

    Invalid map specified for lockMap – map Prontera doesn’t exist

    because i dont have field folder in kore, do i need to extract the field folder to kore?? reply pls.

  86. @Mikee – How many apples do you have in your cart? You set the minimum number of apples to 1 so as long as he has one apple in his inventory, he won’t get… also, have you set the autostorage settings in the config file?

  87. hi…. i’ve done evrything as you said… but my bot always gets disconnected evry 45 secs or so…. can you help me resolve this prob.? tenkz

  88. hi i use poseidon but my poseidon dont work…
    when i initialize my start-poseidon then i open runro.bat.. as i open it a window appears telling me that it failed to initialize bec its shutting down. then my comp shuts down…

    how can i do it like before… pls help me

  89. You will be asked to choose which server you would like to bot. Find the number for Valkyrie/Valhalla and enter the number. < is it my character slot number or the server number? i dont get it haha sorry sir, its my first time… im a NOOB, and btw whats the number for valhalla? nid ur reply ASAP i wanna try this… pls? and btw i tried the number #18 on the start.exe – then it says cannot connect how to – put a new server? and a username and pw ๐Ÿ™ help…

  90. sir allen,

    may lumalabas po na unknown packet 02AE basta parang ganyan, sa last na step ung ittype mo na ung mga username etc. paki tulong naman po. un na lang problem ko. ty.

  91. Sir Allen 1month and 2weeks na po akong nagbobot at shinare ko na rin po sa iba kong mga kakilala kung paano magbot sa valkyrie kaya lang po ang pinagtataka ko lang sinunod ko naman poung mga instruction about how to prevent disconnection every 5 mins at nagrurun naman ung runro.bat nakapagOpen na ako ng ragnarok client (the one that pop-up and act like a ragnarok online startup screen) but still ilang beses na akong nagtry to connect my username and password but it only says failed to connect server alam kong sa ibang mga server eh normal lang ito pero ang pinagtataka ko lang po ay naka10 times+ na akong nakakapaglog in pero wala pa rin kaya lagi na lang akong nagtiyatiyaga sa botting na nagdidisconnect ng 5 minutes… Hoping that you resolve this problem posibleng nasa internet connection ko ito pero natry ko na rin DSL user po ako…

    Sa lahat ng mga humihingi ng tulong na hindi pa nasasagot sasagutin ko!
    alam ko kung anung version ang dinownload mo! 2.0.4 or something maling openkore software ang dinawnload mo at palitan mo na yang openkore na yan masyado kasing mataas ang hatak ng internet connection nyan try mo magsearch sa google o kaya s aopenkore ng 2.0.5 version ng openkore!

    good napakagandang problem kapag nagshushutdown yan ibig sabihin infected ka ng trojan or worm at malamang na worm yan kasi hindi ka nakakapagconnect through command prompt try mong magopen ng command prompt at kapag nagshutdown ulit yan worm infected ka nah i suggest na kapag nangyari yan maghanap ka ng latest AV at idownload mo sa pc mo po

    kapag nagrun na makikita mo ung pinakauna may makikita kang number sign (#) tapos ung column nun (pababa) dun ka pipili kung anung number nung bot na ilalagay mo! ung slot ibig sabihin un ung number na kinabibilangan nila halimbawa nakita mo ito pababa
    0 slot 3
    1 slot 4
    2 slot 5
    3 slot 6
    4 Create an new character
    5 Delete a new character
    halimbawa nasa slot 3 ung pipiliin mo lagay mo dun eh 0 as in 0(zero lng) tapos ung silbi ng slot makikita mo un sa config.txt mo ok?

    @ Sir Allen sana po maresolve niyo po itong problem ko sir salamt po

  92. @Trixx – Ang haba ng sinulat mo ah. hehe Anyways, dba nag Poseidon kna… tapos nag runro, may lalabas na ragnarok client tapos since poseidon server un, kahit ano lg na username-password ilagay mo, gagana un…

    hindi xa gumagana dahil siguro hindi nka on ung poseidon mo… or may mali sa Step 1 ng guide (ung important files) …

  93. @Sir Allen I asure you sir tama po ung pagkakadownload ko at kung sakaling mali naman po un dapat hindi na ako nakakapagbot ngayon tsaka sinunod ko naman po ung instruction nakaON din naman ung posiedon server hindi ko po talaga maintindihan pero sige salamat na lang po sir allen tsaga tsaga na lang ata ako na every 5minutes lang makakapagconnect kahit medyo nakakainis sa DC haha salamt po!

  94. sir gud day 2 you.. i have done every single detail in your guide but every tym i go into step 6 there is always an errer about gameguard or something can you help me please with this problem? thank you very much

  95. Hello everyone! I apologize to Sir Allen for being away for a while. Hay, ang hirap talaga pag patapos na ang Sem, napakaraming ginagawa. “Hell Week” ‘ika nga. Now, back to business!

    @lostangel666 – You encounter this problem because you’ve done something wrong or haven’t done EXACTLY what is said in Step 2. You must extract the “additional files Ragnarok needs for botting” in the RagnarokOnline folder for the Poseidon Server to run properly.

    @gameguard~ – Hmm, what is GameGuard Error 150 again? If I’m correct, you encounter this problem when you run your runro.bat, right? If so, follow the instructions that I wrote above ^^^. ^_^

    PS – Sir Allen! I’m still finishing my guide, I’m just halfway through it, though. But I have a teeny favor to ask of you. Let’s talk by Email. Thanks!

  96. @hub3rt – I’m sorry to say this, but spoonfeeding is not allowed. Try reading the manual and experiment on some configs on your own, and if there would be problems on the config, we would be glad to help.

    Sir kaliwanagan couldn’t have said it any better, “You must first learn to help yourself before others can help you.”

  97. why is it..when i click is appeared and sayng unable to load the file??

  98. still eror…!!unknow packet-02AE??i already change it in the table as what you said.and another eror..unknow 6565 sometime it appears together wid unknow packet-02AE????it is not working yet..!plz heal me thx..

  99. @neal – It’s a problem with your recv-packets.txt file.

    There’s a post about unknown error 02ae here in this blog. Please search first.

  100. @Bot mastery – Hmm what antivirus were you using? I have scanned it. Mediafire scans the files too before accepting the upload and we got no virus warnings. You are the first one to say it’s a virus.

  101. Hmm, I just ran my AVG Complete Test and I also got the Backdoor.Ragnarok thingy bot mastery level 10 said. It’s found in the “Ragnarok needed files for botting” folder. Funny, every night my PC automatically initiates the virus scan and this is the first time I’ve encountered this virus.

  102. Haha, good thing it’s just a false alarm. But whether it was really a virus or not, it wouldn’t stop me from playing Ragnarok, especially from botting! Haha! ^_^

  103. hi..i am using ur bot right now..but i dont open the runro. it is still working..may i know wat is the use of runro file??and plz help me how i can my bot attack,,it always sitting

  104. @neal Runro is used with poseidon to avoid getting disconnected by gameguard.

    Your bot is just sitting because you have not configured it. Please read the openkore manual and learn from it.

  105. HMmm guys kindly teach me how to put that config cause i cant find some words there and pls send me xilero EX server config thx and if wanna talk with me im almost welcome

  106. @luckyshar – Unfortunately, spoonfeeding is not allowed.

    I would like to address everyone and those future posters of this blog that sending pre-made configs is an act of spoonfeeding and therefore, is not allowed here and in the OpenKore website. I advise botters and future botters to read and learn from the manual, learn how to configure your bot on your own, and if ever some problems would occur, THEN we would help.

    Yun lang naman. Have a nice day. ^_^

  107. @eraser^^ – Poseidon prevents the bot from getting disconnected by GameGuard every 5 minutes or so.

    @neal – There are a list of Error Codes on a separate topic. Please read it.

  108. hello sir allen, in moc_fild08

    i always get DC for 1800 seconds… and openkore.exe says

    “Angel is nearby disconnected for 1800 seconds..”

    Jonathan’s last blog post..By: neztie

  109. i can answer that jonathan ^^ i think angel is a gm ^^ try looking the avoid list, its there ^^

  110. How is it that whenever i login to the poseidon server, it always says failed to connect to server? Is there like a specific time that i can login or something? I’ve been trying for the past 30 mins. ๐Ÿ™

  111. salamat po gumagana po ung bot … kaso po bkit po ayaw mag cast ng spells, tama nman ung config ko… kc un din ung config ko sa dati kong bot ehhh… openkore din un.. ibang version nga lng.. gnito po kc nangyayari… sa einbroch po me nagbobot tpos ayw po nung mage ko mag cast ng spell doon sa metaling khit may metaling na sa tabi…pag nag type po ako ng ml sa openkore lalabas ung listahan ng mga monsters na nsa screen malapit sa char ko pero may metaling na dun tpos nakasulat sa tabi nun unknown… ano po ba un.. gn2 po sya.. Metaling[unknown] ID 1613 ,,,, ano po kya problema d2… e2 po ung config ng atkspell…

    attackSkillSlot Lightening Bolt {

    lvl 10
    dist 8
    sp > 10
    stopWhenHit 0
    inLockOnly 1
    notInTown 0
    timeout 0
    disabled 0
    monsters Metaling
    maxAttempts 0

    ayan po tama nman po dba… tpos ayw prin po nyang mag cast ng spell…. kya ung thief ko n lng ung binobot ko…. pa help nman po…

  112. Hi eun09,

    to answer that question, you made a mistake in your config. look at this line,

    maxAttempts 0

    in other words, how many times will you cast the spell? 0 times. ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. sir allen!.. . bat po ganun nakaka connect naman po ako kaso pagkalipas ng mga 20 or 30 mins, na DDC na sya taps nun lagi na syang naddisconnect every 3 or 4 mins.. can u pls help me? Thnxs po! ^_^

  114. sir, pano ko po ilalagay sa configs ko na dapat eh puro poring at mga lunatic lang ang dapat atakihin??? kasi po umaatake din ung char ko ng creamy kaya tuloy lagi akong deds… huhuhu…

    pero thank u po kc first time ko lang nagbot at gumana agad.. galing ng instructions nyo eh bosing!!!


  115. why do i get this error code:
    OpenKore version
    Network state = 1
    Network handler = Network::DirectConnection
    SVN revision: unknown
    No loaded plugins.

    Error message:
    Assertion (‘HASH(0x30a42d0)’ must be of class ‘Actor::You’) failed!
    at C:/Documents and Settings/Jan/Desktop/New Folder/openkore- line 271
    Carp::Assert::assert(”, ‘\’HASH(0x30a42d0)\’ must be of class \’Actor::You\”) called at src/Utils/ line 31
    Utils::Assert::assertClass(‘HASH(0x30a42d0)’, ‘Actor::You’) called at src/ line 223
    Misc::checkValidity(‘parseInput’) called at src/ line 64
    main::mainLoop() called at src/ line 75
    Interface::mainLoop(‘Interface::Console::Win32=HASH(0x277aec4)’) called at line 96
    main::__start() called at line 125

    Stack trace:
    Assertion (‘HASH(0x30a42d0)’ must be of class ‘Actor::You’) failed!
    at C:/Documents and Settings/Jan/Desktop/New Folder/openkore- line 271
    Carp::Assert::assert(”, ‘\’HASH(0x30a42d0)\’ must be of class \’Actor::You\”) called at src/Utils/ line 31
    Utils::Assert::assertClass(‘HASH(0x30a42d0)’, ‘Actor::You’) called at src/ line 223
    Misc::checkValidity(‘parseInput’) called at src/ line 64
    main::mainLoop() called at src/ line 75
    Interface::mainLoop(‘Interface::Console::Win32=HASH(0x277aec4)’) called at line 96
    main::__start() called at line 125
    at C:/Documents and Settings/Jan/Desktop/New Folder/openkore- line 271
    Carp::Assert::assert(”, ‘\’HASH(0x30a42d0)\’ must be of class \’Actor::You\”) called at src/Utils/ line 31
    Utils::Assert::assertClass(‘HASH(0x30a42d0)’, ‘Actor::You’) called at src/ line 223
    Misc::checkValidity(‘parseInput’) called at src/ line 64
    main::mainLoop() called at src/ line 75
    Interface::mainLoop(‘Interface::Console::Win32=HASH(0x277aec4)’) called at line 96
    main::__start() called at line 125

    i also need code for lydia server

  116. bakit pag click ng runro nakalagay failed to start because binkw32.dll was not found

    help plzzz ty

  117. sir? normal po ba ung naddisconnect after 20mins and then lagi na syang naddisconnect after 3 or 4 mins? thnk you in advance and god bless po

  118. is there a way to play while botting in openkore?

    TearHere’s last blog post..Graduation fee announcements

  119. ns bot.. it realy works.. sakto lng ung mdc pra nde mhltang bot.. pwo san powe mkkha ung upd8 ng bot pg mgmma2intenance n cla??? or nde n kelngan??????

  120. mr ALLEN.. its good that your blog increases in traffic.. but its good that you should update and post the config of Valkyrie server if they have a server maintenance.. so that no errors in botting and more traffic to come to your blog..

    UPD8 of bot.. plZZZZZZZZZZzz


  121. Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve botted in Valkyrie so if there had been changes, I am not aware of it. But I’m pretty sure that this guide that I made still works for my bot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. kuya sa akin po lagi nakalagay pagkatapos maglog in..
    closing connection to server
    disconnecting …disconnected
    connecting to map server….
    Connecting …connected
    timeout on map server, connecting to account server

    lagi pong ganyan..anu po dapat gawin ko..ndi po ako makapagpabot..please help me po

  123. hello may i ask if this works for other RO versions other than philippines? lets say malaysia ro prontera version?

  124. oh and i have this error gameguard error 153: patch files missing or corrupted. Please install the patch setup file again.

  125. ui p help nmn poh kung pano i config un config.txt pra mag auto pots….nbasa qn un instructions pero mejo ngu2luhan prn aq,,, /no1…pti nrn poh pla un s auto disconnect kpg ala n pots ^^ salamat poh

  126. Sir Allen. I tried my best to search for a Gunslinger config for my kore but I can’t find it. I don’t know much about kores and have just started in RO Valkyrie.

  127. uhmm..sir allen!..,nid q tlga help mo..,pde moq sendan ng configs sa lht ng characters?!.,,pls.??..,,or pde sa pari at assassin na lng..hehe.,,send mo lng sa e-mail q.,,,/wah..,tc..,muah.! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  128. Hi.. Si allen..

    the program of the openkore, the file of start-poseidon.. when i open it..

    this is what happend

    BEGIN failed–compilation aborted at sr/Poseidon/ line 23.

    what should i do? it can’t start..

  129. Hey dude, I have been reading your post and i find it very helpful, im able to install and make the program running but the problem is that i can’t make it attack monsters. I think the problem lies in my configuration setting. I am just a newbie when it comes to botting and i find configuring my character so difficult and complicated. I have tried to research and change it all the time but, it just doesn’t work.

    BTW my character is a thief lv. 42, staying at moc fild06 and playing at pRO valkyrie server, it is able to pick up items but it NEVER attacks. Im already so desperate and i wanted to bot right away. And one more thing, everytime i log in, it always joins a party with the same person, i find it so annoying and i suspect that it has something to do with the problem im experiencing.

    Here is the copy of my current config setting:
    *Config removed for privacy purposes*

    *Sorry for the long comment, Hope you can help me make my character attack and gain levels finaly. Thank you =))

  130. can u plz tel me how can i upload my bot to ne free web hosting server and let the bot run from there as i cant keep my home computer on for long. If possible plz suggest a good free server.

  131. Sir Allan, I have a question same problem with zzREd about the binkw32.dll you told him to edit the mon_control.txt and try to read the instructions. What will I edit in the mon control? and where is the instructions you’re talking about. Thanks in advance and hope for a good response, any time for your convenience.

  132. yes sir… i also have the same problem say.. how can i have a configuration of merchant bot a thief and swordsman?? i am definitely having no idea how to use the bot and have it attacking automatically.. id be really really be thankful for the upcoming help thank you i have the same bot prog with the one posted

  133. well im having problem with poseidon
    wen i run ro.bat
    i got gameguard error 150

    and i already re-patch the GameGuard

    but still an error

    help me pls……

  134. hi sir Allen, thank you 4 your guide.. I’ve been botting for a couple of months already.. Maraming maraming salamat po.. btw, napadaan lng po ako to check this:

    Watch out for my advanced guides soon that will include these configs:

    * Autobuy
    * Autosell
    * Autostorage
    * Use skill
    * Use item
    * Use Kafra Warp
    * Buy from vendors (NPCโ€™s and humans players)
    * Item management (which item should I store, buy or sell?)
    * Monster management (which monster should I attack or avoid?)
    * Useful console commands for the bot
    * and many more ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. @al – ung config pagkatapos mo po idownload ung openkore pede na po un sa swordsman, un na nga rn ang ginagamit ko pag melee type na character.

  136. sir allen,

    need help po,
    hindi po ako makapagstart eh,

    kasi pag pinipindot ko na ung start.exe,

    lumalabas na error na “Cannot find XSTools.dll”

    e nandun nasa correct file naman po xa..

  137. Please hep me…
    When i use the bot, how to keep my character away from the harmful monsters?
    How to attack only the safe monsters???
    I am leveling at the pay_fild01…
    Some high level characters there are using dead branch to harmful summon monsters…
    Please help me…


  138. i have already installed the bot but there is no valhalla server.. how could i install it with valhalla server?

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