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Guilty Party for Wii

Guilty Party for Wii Review

I recently played this game out of sheer curiosity and was glad I did.

Guilty Party is a puzzle game for Wii that can be played by kids and adults alike.

Guilty Party Plot

You are a family of detectives from Grandfather to Grandchild and the leader of your detective agency is your Grandfather. However, your grandfather is thinking of retiring and he needs someone to succeed him so who will it be? While arguing on the successor, your arch enemy, “Mr. Valentine” strikes and kidnaps your grandma so now you need to solve some cases to know where did Mr Valentine bring your granny and rescue her.

Guilty Party How it is being played?

The game is turned based. On each turn, you are given a number of tokens (3 by default) where you can use to pay for actions (1 action per token). You can move around, interrogate people, check for clues, and use your savvy cards (doesn’t need a token and is very helpful) as you move around the location.

For each level, your main goal is to catch the suspect of a “crime” and you can do that by collecting clues either by talking to people (some of them are lying btw) and picking up clues. When talking to people to get their opinions or when you pick up some clues, you sometimes (or most of the time) need to play a mini game and only when you succeed, then you can get that valuable piece of information. It gets harder at every stage that sometimes I have to keep on repeating (at the expense of my tokens) just to get that clue.

Once you have all the clues then you can now make your accusations. I thought it was a simple game where the clues will tell you the suspect’s features (eg. hair length, gender, width, and height) but no, I was wrong. From the clues you have, you need to deduce these features and that is what makes it fun. It is normal to wrongfully accuse a person but as much as possible, try to accuse the correct one 🙂

When things get hard, you can also resort to using savvy cards as they would really help you with different “abilities”. Once in a while, Mr Valentine shows up and uses a savvy card on you and you can only fight back, by using a savvy card too (eg. he traps you in a room and you must use a “key” savvy card to get out).

Guilty Party Mini Review

We (Jessa and I), had fun playing this game. We would work together on collecting clues and in solving the mini games. It is a good bonding game. We thought it was just an easy game but in the later stages, we were simply guessing as we could no longer understand why that person is the suspect. LoL but it was still fun.. really good fun 😀

So what’s our next game?

Wii Guilty Party Trailer

Try the game and you will enjoy it!

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  1. I had fun too playing this game with a friend ladt weekend. These kind of cluedo-like games are missing on Wii…which is too bad because that’s always a lot of fun

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