Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year 2011


lol short message but wanted to get this out… to be continued 😀


So how are you doing everyone? I hope you had a great 2010 and hopefully looking forward to a great 2011. I really don’t have to say actually as lately, I have been blogging less and less so my blogging juices have been running out so just allow me to name some highlights of my 2010 (not really in blogging)

I have started spending my money earned from blogs

After 3 years of blogging, I have started buying stuffs (eg. Lumix Camera) and spending them bit by bit. I’m still saving most of them but it feels nice to buy things and proudly say, “blogging bought me this!”.

Next Goal: Buy more stuffs! See wishlist for more details.

Learned to buy things online

We have to face it that there are a lot of things that are cheaper outside of our country (some are not even available in our country), so our only choice is to buy them from international sellers. However, the problem would be the Philippine Customs and due to their imposed “taxes”, our fellow buyers are afraid. I’m glad I did not experience their corruption as my packages went to the post office instead.

Next Goal: Learn to buy from Amazon and use forwarders (eg. Johnnyair)

Giving more car love to my car

This year, I have been bad to my car’s maintenance. I did not manage to get it maintained the whole year so I’m wondering if it would still perform well this year. However, I was able to give it a clay detailing (don’t know where all those white spots came from), interior detailing (after running the car in a flood, yes I was brave and stupid that time), and had the dents fixed (thanks to Ziebart).

Next Goal: have the car maintained in “casa”, wax it, exterior detailing, add new tints etc… more car love this year 🙂

Went to Taiwan with Friends

It was my first time going out of the country without my parents and it was not on tour. It was a great experience and I would definitely try to do it again.

Next Goal: Next country please! 🙂

Started a food blog

Well, so far so good. Read my short recap here.

Next Goal: Earn money from it and more food!

Started to live semi-independently

My sister got married in June 2010 and I transferred to her condominium unit while she now lives with her husband. This started a new chapter in my life living independently. Well, not yet totally but it is a good start. I’m getting to the feeling that when I wake up, I’m all alone then there’s no food set on the table. I can’t thank you enough Koko crunch 🙂

Next Goal: Buy a microwave!

Traveled around the Philippines (just a few)

Zambales, Ilocos, Corregidor … more more!

Next Goal: More please! As long, I hate seeing my CDOs (day-offs) expire because I’m not using them

Learned Wii modding

I did not really intend to do this but it was due to a game I can’t play so I started to read some guides on the net and luckily, I was able to do it. Now, I have started to share my knowledge or direct them to forums. It really feels good to conquer this challenge.

Next Goal: learn how to mod the XBOX?

Started running again

10km runs early in the morning is really a torture task especially if you are used to sleeping at around 1am to 2am but you need to wake up at around 4am just to run at 5am. I used to run before (seldomly) but then I stopped, but late this 2010, I started running again. The only problem here is that the registration fees are getting higher and higher! (eg. Adidas was PHP850!!!)

Next Goal: More fun runs and of course, more freebies like singlets and finisher shirts.

Started watching KDRAMA again

After years of not watching them, I started watching them again and it really feels good to just give in to your emotions while watching these fictional stories.Yes, I admit, sometimes I tend to go with the flow so much that tears just starts to flow but it feels good!

Next Goal: Just continue to watch more Kdramas

Broke-up with my girlfriend

Not really a good highlight but I still consider this an event worth mentioning in my 2010 life. Well, it was something that wasn’t shared much so only a few know about it really. This experience made me think a lot about relationships, religion, and my future. One thing for sure, I’m still proud of my mind over heart technique.

Next Goal: N/A

There are still a lot of things that I have forgotten or failed to mention in this post (I apologize for that). I did not expect it to be this long because I thought that I had a boring 2010 life. At least, now I have goals to look forward to for 2011.

For the good things that I have done or that happened this 2010, I’m very thankful for them and I hope to do the same or improve more on them this 2011.

For the bad things that I have done or that happened this 2011, I want to apologize once again for that and I hope that wounds would heal (nah, I don’t believe in the line “time heals all wounds”). Problems/issues should be discussed so that it is not left hanging nor lingering. The only time that we should give time is when we still cannot discuss it properly without getting too emotional because once emotions kick in, logic gets kicked out. So to my open issues this 2010, I ask for forgiveness and hope to close them by this year. It will not be forgotten but it will be placed in a chapter of our lives so we can turn to the next chapter.

So… what else? Cheers to a happy 2011 everyone!

Till next time,


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  1. Kis-a maski sa Post Office may ara gyapon biktima sang corruption, siguro kung dalagko package amo na interesan nila hehe

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