Have you run out of ideas to write on your blog?

Ever been in a state where you feel you have run out of ideas to write about? You feel that you have squeezed your brain into a pulp but still not even a single drop of idea leaks out? You might start to think, “Oh no! What should I do? If I don’t post today, I’ll be labeled as an inconsistent blogger and my readers will leave me!” Then you will change your schedule for today, “Today, I’m not going to eat, bath or even breathe until I publish a new article“.

So if ever you feel that you’ve run out of ideas, I’ve got tips for you!

Don’t Panic

This is the first thing that you should do. Do not panic! When you panic, you put a lot of pressure to yourself and you will not be able to think well. Remember that this is not a race. You should write at your own pace. Do not force yourself to write just because you have to. Do not be a slave to your blog where the blog commands you to “Write on me! or suffer!!!“. Do not compare this to schoolwork or your job where you have to meet deadlines or face the consequences.

Tap in your reserves

There are days where you feel your creative juices are overflowing and there are also days where you feel there’s a drought in your creative juices. Well, today is an example of the latter. So instead of thinking too hard on what you will write about, why not just get one article from your reserves and use it for today? You can always refill those reserves when your creative juices start to overflow again.

Focus on something else

I have experienced it that the more I want something, the lesser chance that I will acquire that something. However, the less I think about it, I would just be surprised that I have acquired it. You can call this reverse psychology but it can also be applied to brainstorming for ideas to write about. There are other things you can do aside from writing articles for your blog. You can eat your breakfast, take a bath after two weeks, do some exercises, chat with your friends or study for school (I can’t that I’m suggesting this when I’m so lazy to study in school).

Call it a day

If everything else fails, just call it a day and try again tomorrow. I’m sure your readers will understand. ^_^

Watch out for my next article

Yes! This is still a tip for this article. You should watch out for my next article which will give you ideas on where you can pick up girls err ideas for your blog. ^_^

Edit : 3 ways where you can get ideas to blog about.

14 thoughts on “Have you run out of ideas to write on your blog?

  1. Great solid advice!

    “Do not force yourself to write just because you have to” Don’t think that people are already going to leave your blog when you are inconsistent with posting, your readers would understand if you miss a day or two.

  2. I love the tips! Thanks!

    But I think I like the ideas on where to pick up girls more. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m actually going to wait for that one.. *wink*

  3. Haha! I used to think that “i’ll be labeled an inconsistent blogger blah-blah” back then. I even apologize to my readers for not posting, but hey – they’ll understand coz they undergo the same process of mood swings and stuff.

    Well, kaya lang naman may mga laktaw ang posts ko is because lasing ako that day or may hang-over ako. :d


  4. I love tip #1 best. It’s true, we are not slaves to our blogs. But sometimes we can forget this. I did, because I’ve felt bad that I haven’t been blogging in the past few days with the usual zest that I have.

    It’s just that I feel like reading now, more than writing. In any case, I’ll probably be writing something sooner or later. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i experienced this lasiness last night. As i read this post, keep nodding. tama ka sa “Tap in your reserves”.

    Keep sharing unique tips and suggestions. nakakatulong ka talaga.


  6. it happened to me many times before ’till now. it’s very ideal to keep reserves by taking down notes when an idea pops up. sometimes i wish that something will happen tomorrow that make it worth to post. hehe. but if there’s none and nothing to post, i call it a day. if after numerous days still nothing then goodbye to me. haha.

    you’ll attend the 2nd taste asia event. i hope i can attend too.

  7. โ€œToday, Iโ€™m not going to eat, bath or even breathe until I publish a new articleโ€œ.

    HAHA! This is so me. LOL!

    The try again tomorrow works very well for me. The thing is, naka-ilang tomorrow na ako, wala pa rin ako naisusulat. Haha!

    Thanks for the tips. Oh, and monthsary na ba ng blog mo? Happy Monthsary! ๐Ÿ™‚ [Or late na ba?]

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone. It’s heart-fattening! (nkakataba ng puso) hehe

    @Selaplana – Yes, reading does give you a lot of ideas.

    @JP – Do attend. Our trio with Karlo must not be defeated wahaha

    @Jhed – You’re late! 100 whips as punishment! Haha j/k. Thanks. It was last saturday. ^_^

  9. Great Advise! I have a relatively new blog and already am facing some of these troubles, so any advice helps. Thanks.

  10. Thanks for the tips! Blogger’s BLock–or so it’s called–is really one of my growing problems. You just don’t know when inspiration will strike! =)

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