Aesthetic Science: Herbal Enzyme Facial PLUS Massage

Herbal Enzyme Facial PLUS Massage by Aesthetic Science

Aesthetic Science

Thanks for; I was able to try out this deal.

Only P486 for a Luxurious Beauty Treatment at Aesthetic Science – Herbal Enzyme Facial PLUS Massage. Save P594! (P1080 Value)

This was the first time I heard about Aesthetic Science and from my experience, this is one of the best places to have your facial on (however, be prepared to shell out some cash as they are more expensive than others). It has a nice ambiance and you will get your treatment in individual rooms (which is a good plus for privacy and more comfort).

The Herbal Enzyme Facial plus Massage procedure is like this (pardon me for the terms I will use as I don’t know their medical names).

  1. A dermatologist would come in and check your face out (she advised me not to have a massage on my face because that would stimulate my already very active oil glands and that would cause break-outs). They will tell you what procedure they will apply on you depending on your current situation.
  2. Your face will be washed with soap and they will rinse it after wards
  3. The herbal enzyme will be applied to your face using something like a paintbrush.
  4. Prepare for some steam on your face
  5. Once everything is done, the cleansing process will start. I was surprised here because it was painful, yes painful. Well, the sacrifices you need to endure to have those nasty blackheads removed but I really have to say it again, it was painful. I’m not sure if it was because of the enzyme they placed but I felt that my face was very sensitive at that point. (Maybe I had mature blackheads since it was already a long time since I had a facial)
  6. After the torture, a net will be placed on your face then something like a laser like pen will be used all over your face. This will disinfect your face and close your pores.
  7. A soothing mask will be applied to you and the face + chest massage will be done after
  8. After removing the mask, a toner will be applied to your face and that ends the procedure

I was offered water or green tea, and I took the green tea.

Overall, I liked my experience in Aesthetic Science (minus the painful extractions) and if I have money to spare or vouchers in the future, I’d definitely come back. To those who want to try it out, make sure to reserve your slots as I was told that they are always fully booked so walk-in might not be advisable.

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Aesthetic Science
G/F Jupiter Place Bldg., Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City
(632) 899 3643 (63) 917 808 2926
10:00am – 8:00pm Mon-Sat
1:00pm – 7:00pm Sun

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