How to remove Here You Have Virus and prevention?

How to remove Here You Have Virus and prevention?

Here is my story on how I was able to detect and prevent prevention of this “Here you have” virus.

We received a few emails last Thursday night (SGT) with the subject of “Here you have”. The email is being sent to distribution lists and the sender was someone I do not know (flag # 1). Since I do not know the sender, even though we work at the same company, I just browsed through the email and found a link!

The click-able link address was written on the email. Usually you would assume that if you see for example the text ( then the link inside would be also going to ( An example is below.

However, since I do not know the sender, instead of clicking the link, I just hovered my mouse pointer over it to see the link on where it is going and there was something different. The link text said that it is a PDF file but if you checked the actual link where it is going too, it was a SCR file (flag # 2). That’s enough for me to flag this as something not good so instead of pressing the link, I pressed the delete button and emptied my outlook “deleted items”.

I was actually jealous of my office mates because I think I only got three (3) emails like this while they were literally flooded with these emails. Does this mean that nobody knows me? or have me in their email lists?

So what does this virus do?

If you allow the download, it will download unto your computer and run. It will go through your email programs (such as MS Outlook) and start sending the same emails to the people in your address book. This is a an old tactic by viruses to spread because there’s a need for user intervention in order for it to start spreading but it seems many users still fall for this trick.

I’m not sure if it does anything else that’s malicious to your computer but if it did, then it would have been a very strong viruses with the aide of those curious enough to click and spread it.

How do you get rid of it?

  • First thing you should do is to turn off all your email programs to stop it from spreading.
  • Update your virus databases with the latest definitions. It has been 4 days already so I’m sure major anti-virus soft wares already have a fix for this.
  • After updating, turn off your internet and do a full scan of your computer (be sure to turn off system restore for now and scan it too)
  • (Optional) Try running malwarebytes too and the eset online scanner.

How do you prevent this from occuring?

My simple tip is to be cautious of what you are doing in your computer. Don’t be gullible enough to be fooled by the text virus creators write in order to fool you. Remember the flags I discussed above and do remember them when you receive emails from unknown sources.

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